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Will and Testament


Something different.

I write less,

you think more.

Call it a bargain,

the best you ever had.


What, really, are you looking for?


Got a letter last week...

Author was sad there's not really anything new in TCOY / The Church of Yahweh / Yesod HaShem / The Foundation for The Name.

More than 500 pages in 8 months. 

Nothing new.

She's right.

There IS nothing new.

There is NOTHING new.

There is nothing NEW.


You don't need me to write anything new.

    You only need to learn and live what has been spoken from old.


God is not the problem.

    We are.

There is nothing new except what has been forgotten.

Oh yes, so many cute new writings to post, new songs to write, new....new...new...

And then when we are done spending the 92 seconds it takes to pretend to absorb "what's new," we are already clicking on the next button.


    And what?


The human race can be marked by one primary trait...Stubbornness.

Not wisdom, not love, not anything but stubbornness.

Of course, that's the equivalent of a hamster content to wallow in a self-made cave...

Because it's hers.



None of them have ever had even one thing to say that has even one thing to say about even one thing that has anything to do with the reality of your life.

    Yet you memorize every word.

Search their wisdom daily, nightly.


Keep the TV and the browser hot-linked to their stupidity.


You do not want it.



The United States of America is not real.

Money is not real.

Government is not real.

All are simply shared delusions.

In your pre-conscious and trans-rational mind you know this is true.

We are too lazy to admit that Alice's Mad Hatter has no value,

    Because that would mean we have to search elsewhere for truth.

        Too much trouble.

"I work too hard for my illusions just to throw them all away."  Guns & Roses.

Time is not real.

The NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, WWF, WCW have just as much so-called reality.



Stupidity, the other primary trait of the human race.

As Frank Zappa said, "The 3 main elements of the Universe are Hydrogen, Helium, and Human Stupidity."

He was right.


The Jews kill the babies of the Palestinians,

    fully self-justified in their Holy War.

The Palestinians kill the babies of the Jews,

    fully self-justified in their Holy War.



        Communal insanity, brought on through centuries of inbreeding,

Jews with Jews,

    Arabs with Arabs,

        Acting to stories they have heard about.

While the only reality is poor, hurting people sharing the earth,

    Killing themselves for ideas, ancient stories, and artificial boundaries.

Nothing new.

I know that.

They don't.

I know they are wrong.

They cannot know I am right.

Endless words, all meaningless, because they have no meaning...

    to you.

I may write less, 

    but will you think more?



We never had it to lose.


You can teach someone each and every single day for years, 

    and they won't learn a thing if they are not ready.

Buddha knew that.

    Jesus proved it.

        Martin Luther showed it.

And if they are genuinely ready to learn,

    Then they don't need us to teach them...

        For THE TRUTH is everywhere.


So-called "You-have-changed-my-life" so-called disciples who 

    haven't learned a thing.

I understand the bitterness.

I understand it.

I understand.


Let's look at the mathematical possibilities:

  1. "I Will Be What I Will Be" is true, but we cannot deal with it.  Result:  All talking & teaching are a waste of time.

  2. "I Will Be What I Will Be" is false.  Result:  All talking & teaching are a waste of time.

That's probably too harsh.

But really.

Endless pages upon pages upon pages about YOUR DOMINION OVER YOURSELF...Your own ability to control your thoughts, feelings, needs, wants & desires in the same way we pay millions of dollars to some idiot who can put a sphere through a hoop ("basketball" for those of you who probably should not even be reading this), or connect a modified cylinder to a sphere ("baseball").

That's the ENTIRE STORY.

    And few I know have learned even word one of verse one.

Save one.

    Who is so angry & bitter he cannot be reached.

I understand.

But then, fighting the anger and bitterness, 

    To rise above them, 

        Responding only to the call of love,

Is entirely the point.

Get it?


So, one last time, really slow.

The so-called church, advertisements, Madison Avenue, Wall Street, government, the indoctrination system misnamed "education," and each and every single thing you have ever encountered in your human life, all have the same message:

    "You are powerless.  Worthless.  You need us."

The truth?

    You have infinite God-Power in you.  You don't need anything.

Even government.

Even Wall Street.

Even TCOY.

Even me.


1 Cor 3:21: "All things are yours."

All the truth is in the Bible.

    You need nothing else.

        Have you read it?

All the truth is in The Name.

    You need nothing else.

        Do you Know it?

All the truth is In You.

    You need nothing else.

        Do you even know yourself?

All the truth is already in each of the 1,000 pages here.

    You need nothing else.

        When will you have eyes to see?


The one and only thing you do need,

    is to stop surfing...scanning...browsing...skimming...looking...etc...etc...etc...etc...

        ...being a victim...

            looking high and low for what you were born with...

and get real.

Wake UP!


The "Old" Testament is 3,000 years old.  But it is not old.

    It tells us to love each other.


The "New" Testament is 2,000 years old.  It is not new.

    It tells us that all of our boundaries of Male, Female, Jew, Greek, In, Out, are artificial and misguided.


Every day of your life you present the "Real" Testament...



0 years old.




Neurotic...full of pain...waiting for mommy or daddy or hubby or wifey or Uncle Sam or Dan Rather or teacher or priest or guru or someone, anyone else, 

    to come and rescue you.

Why have we spent 3,000 years to learn nothing?


The FBI killed 42 in Waco.

    9 were children.

        They called it collateral damage,

            In the name of a holy war.

Timothy McVeigh killed 168 in Oklahoma.

    19 were children.

        He called it collateral damage,

            In the name of a holy war.

Saddam Hussein killed 5,000 in Kuwait.

    None were children (as far as the CIA can tell).

        He called it collateral damage,

            In the name of a holy war.

George Bush (Version 1) killed 600,000 in Iraq.

    200,000 or so were children (as far as the CIA can tell).

        He called it collateral damage,

            In the name of a holy war.

The Church killed uncountable Thousands in the Crusades.

    Uncountable thousands were children.

        They called it collateral damage,

            In the name of a holy war.

And exactly how many died in Vietnam?

    How many millions were children?

        We called it collateral damage,

            In the name of a police action.


They were all the same.

    They were all wrong.


It is not by chance that we can no longer tell the heroes from the villains.

Healthy, fat, white, rich, American babies are NOT worth more than sick, emaciated, brown, poor Other babies.

    We are all rotting in hell,

        Made of our own sin and selfishness,

            A hell we cannot even recognize as such,

                A hell we spend all our time, effort, and money to sustain.


Mothers of murdered babies only know pain.

    Whether you call it war or a holy war or a crime or terrorism or a police action or anything else,

        Mothers of dead babies only cry.

            They care nothing for your artificial, self-justifying labels.

War is "holy", but terrorism an "unthinkable crime"?

    I'm not convinced the mangled flesh of murdered children knows the difference.

        Or cares.


Please, Dear Holy, Righteous and Loving God...

    Let them learn just that much.

        It would be enough.


I + Will = Being.

You will be what you will to be.

That is all any of the ancients have ever said.

They are all right.

    Good Night.


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