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Have you ever realized what you have written down? It's the Digital Dead Sea Scroll, pretty much, which i have stumbled upon. I asked for a sign and this was what I got. I couldn't have begged the lord for more. Thank you brother, but there is still so much to be done. If i could help in any way, please let me know. It would be an honor. Sincerely, the resurrection of Christ embodied in Shane.


I also want to send my modest tithe to you for being such a wonderful vessel for my growth of late. I think I have read perhaps half of your writings (at least those on your website) and the more I read, the more I am certain you have the greatest, most profound, yet the most practical spiritual knowledge around. It is beautiful and clean.  Your heart is very pure.  I have done lots of searching on the web, in bookstores, in churches, everywhere, for people like you, and you are in a class ahead.

* * *

Beloved, BELOVED Ahyh,


What you say on your website is so astoundingly Real. So completely, nakedly honest. So above and below, unified. Thank you and Thank YHWH for you (yes I know that is redundant).  It is simply breathtaking to me that I found your website now, after so many Googles should have revealed your site to me long before NOW!! I have spent a good bit of time reading your articles this week. I've laughed, I've cried, and my, oh, my, I've gotten the tingling rush. Several times. Thanks!


I will be reading more of the great stuff on your site. Mine is www.iamliberty.us if you want to visit and read a little of my work. I've attached a couple of chapters that I get the idea you will enjoy.


Please also send the instructions for making a donation. I honor your integrity. Thank you so very much for what you do with who you are.



* * *


I used to write you several years ago and thought that I would say hi. My name is Ross and you helped me on my path to righteousness through our Lord Jesus Christ. I used to only read and learn off of your website, but then I learned that I need to do some more exploring of God's word and experience some of it.


I found your website by typing in "what is God's real name?" on the yahoo search engine and came across your site. You made things really simple and clear that are kinda hard to understand and complicated. I read alot of your complaints and I used to get mad also and leave your website after reading just a couple things. But, then I would feel like I judged you wrong and I would go back and read the rest of what I did not read. I think people might get upset at you because you are blunt sometimes and say things that people do not really understand.


You point out alot of things that people need to remember. I agree that TV is bad. Not all of it, but 95% of it. You are a very smart man and I want to thank you for still being here doing God's work. I am now going to do a 9-month bible school to get me ready to do an internship for full-time ministry if that is what God wants me to do. I think God wants me to do some mission work also. I guess I will find out. The Lord is awesome! He works in ways that are so mysterious.


I just wanted to say thank you for everything, you have taught me alot and I am truly grateful for you and your website. May God Bless you in every area of your life. You have really helped me out with your website. Keep up the good work.




* * *

Subject:    Re: yhwh web site comment

To:      The Church of Yahweh

LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!  I am by profession a licensed massage therapist who was Scripturally trained by Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Disillusioned. But thankful for valuable Bible knowledge.  One day as I was finishing up a treatment the thought occurred to me that I might find an interesting site using the Divine YHWH, and voila there you were! Divine providence at work.  I have since sent it to my poor ole born again brother hoping it will help him find some balance.  I love your humor and good sense, I’ve omitted the word common for obvious reasons.  I would love to hear from you 1 on 1 if at all possible, I know you’re a busy guy.  Just want to share one thing for now.  Since I have learned to put my affairs in YHWH’s hands my life is a breeze. Chanting THE name is a common ritual while driving, it really works! I find myself singing it to various off-key tunes and some that are even right on-key as well.  I do love my maker and his creation and one of the things I hope I will see in my lifetime is the fulfillment of Rev 18:11.  May YHWH continue to bless and keep you on the web.

ALOHA  Diana

* * *


Subject:      The Church of Yahweh page

To:      Ahyh


Firstly, let me apologize up front if this message is less than coherent, but my mind had been racing since I found your page a week ago, but I didn’t want to put off writing any longer.

I’ve been studying religion, mysticism, the occult, and the Kabbalah (my personal spelling choice which I can explain latter) for most of my life, and your page STILL blew my mind.  Some of the thoughts expressed on it are things I’ve been telling people for years, but taken to a deeper level of understanding than I have ever achieved.

I was, and am, smitten with the complete logic and reason your page displays, and how well each idea follows from the previous one.  I’ve seen some, though surely not all, of your ideas expressed elsewhere, but never so concisely and completely.

Your ideas have given me so many new ways of looking at things, that I don’t know where to start.

Thank you for the most profound contribution to the Web I have ever run across!


* * *


Whoa! I was so thrilled and hugely surprised at the contents of this site. I looked at other components of it, to try to get a better handle about what this site was about, and get the impression that perhaps you are someone who has been inundated in the past with religious dogma that confuses the true meaning of God and the relationship people can have with God. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that it is good to see other people who are willing to take the chance on behalf of God and spread the truth about things that God has given us that we are told are pagan and really aren’t.

If you have time, email me sometime. I’d love to know how you arrived at this point.


* * *

 I just finished Stations of the Cross and I just wanted to say THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!!!! I was truly blessed by your willingness to share God's wisdom with others as myself. I learned many things that I either overlooked or had taken much for granted. My favorite Stations were The Call to Obedience, The Euongaleon, and The Koan. The fact that we cannot fully understand YHWH, we must experience Him says it all. HalleluYah the War is Over!!!!

Now, if I can only accomplish the death of my will so that it becomes His will living through me, the Joy and Peace that passes all understanding will finally be upon me.

I Thank YHWH for YOU and YOUR willingness to share!!!

* * *


I just finished the Revealing Science of God and it is hard for me to visualize HOW you were brilliant enough to put this all together. This truly blows my mind because it is so perfect!!! The "Why" really got me because I have always questioned "Why" but quickly moved away from the question because some of the potential answers were less than honorable to YHWH. Only a sick person would create someone just to worship himself and that is not the God I seek to serve.

Was all this revealed to you by YHWH through meditation on His Name?

Is the Revealing Science of God merely this document, or is it an evolving/growing body of knowledge that you will someday publish?

If this web site blew up tomorrow, how could I continue to explore this body of knowledge? Do you have a publication I can buy with this information on hard copy?

* * *


Greetings in the Name Of God :-)

I was inspired by your site to share a little revelation with you. As with all opinions, you may do with it as you see fit.

While meditating on the NAME of GOD I began becoming aware of my breathing... how the cycles of inward and outward breaths is the only thing standing between life and death... for each one of us. How truly personal and intimate our breath is to us and how GOD is the giver of each life-giving breath... So what does this have to do with the NAME OF GOD? I asked myself.

Then, as I continued observing each breath, I began to notice the sound each was making through my nose, mouth and lungs:

Each inward breath made the sound; YH...

Each outward breath made the sound; WH...

YH... in breath...WH...out breath...YH...WH...YH...WH...

Then it hit me: YHWH... the NAME OF GOD!

Now, I remembered the scriptures telling us that GOD'S NAME IS HOLY... the old traditions forbidding us to even speak it... lest we pronounce it incorrectly. But here I was... Not speaking... But BREATHING it... continually...(and perfect pronunciation every time)!

Perhaps in His Wisdom, HE set things up this way in order to preserve the Holiness of His Name... For me, it has become a constant and continual reminder of not only how close he is at all times, but how much HE cares for me... for ALL of us... throughout each breath of our lives.

As My meditation drew to a close, I remembered a scripture: 'Let everything that has breath praise the LORD...' Suddenly I realized: EVERYTHING THAT BREATHES... Does praise Him...CONSTANTLY!

If you would like to reply, or share this with others I would be honored.

Thank you for taking the time to read my little note.

Yours in HIS LOVE.

* * *


Whoa! I was so thrilled and hugely surprised at the contents of this site. I looked at other components of it, to try to get a better handle about what this site was about, and get the impression that perhaps you are someone who has been inundated in the past with religious dogma that confuses the true meaning of God and the relationship people can have with God. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that it is good to see other people who are willing to take the chance on behalf of God and spread the truth about things that God has given us that we are told are pagan and really aren't.

* * *


...Like I said before, I am still slowly but surely studying the sight and am getting more and more excited when I read on. I would like to share what I have been experiencing lately since practicing meditating and chanting YHVH, then get your opinion of what is happening.

I started just in small increments, repeating the name YHVH over and over, when I have time. It gives me amazing peace. Anyways, out of nowhere, I have been getting I guess what is called " Panic Syndrome ". I will be at work or at home or at the store, and then out of nowhere, feel an overwhelming sense of doom. I feel like something traumatic is going to happen to me health wise. I don't know if it stems from the fact that there is history of heart disease in my family or whatever but it is a horrible experience when it happens. It as been effecting my work and home life in small but effective ways. A couple of times, it subsided quickly when I repeated YHVH over and over, but I have to admit I don't remember to do it every time. All that goes through my head is "where's the nearest hospital" or "I need aspirin, thins the blood". It sounds stupid I know, but I feel sometimes like I'm losing my mind. You might be asking, "what does this have to do w/ anything?" Well, this seemed to all start happening when I became massively involved w/ my quest for the truth. Is this spiritual, or am I over-spiritualizing the situation? Is it co-incidental or a spiritual event. And if so, how do I fight this? Just would like to know you opinion...

Also one last thing before I go...

I have a few gay friends that say they want to serve God, but feel that they are completely normal and God made them this way. This is hard for me because I have never been able to say to people that what they feel is wrong because I don't know what it is they feel. That is why for years, I have been neutral, I take no stand. What is your take on this and what is the best approach on this??

That's it for now...