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Syllabus for The Church of Yahweh

There's a LOT of material here, folks.  at last count nearly 1,000 pages.  But, kind of like many other ancient documents, in some ways it just "happened."  Write a little here, teach a little there, all of it being done "as the spirit wills", which is often a modern euphemism for sloppy & disorganized.

Nevertheless, there is ONE COURSE HERE.  All the material does fit together.  Should you be interested, it looks like this:

  • In "The Revealing Science of God" I attempt to show that the One And Only Mystery is how it is possible that anything exists at all.  I propose that the only answer available to us is A Self-Existent Being, That Being consisting of the only reality.
  • In "God is not God's Name" and "I Will Be What I Will Be" I show how this Being has a personal Name, and through the Ancient Past unto today this Name is powerful, important, reveals the Essential Nature of this Being, and that this Name is, ultimately, You.
  • In "The Stations of the Cross" and "In the Garden" I show that this notion of humanity being God's Name, and all that it means, is clearly drawn for us through the life and times of Jesus, and that what is really essential is His life being a foreshadowing of ours.
  • And that, my friends, with a supporting cast of various interesting or boring or profound or stupid supporting characters, is the "Course in Post-Graduate Divinity Studies" taught here at the Church of Yahweh.

  • Course - Both the teaching that we do, and the journey we travel.
  • Universal - Until all are free, all are enslaved.  Uni-Verse, One Verse, One Song, together.
  • Season - Man has suffered through The Fall, and existed quite long enough in the Winter of his Discontent.  Spring, with its promise of resurrection and new life is upon us.
  • God - The simple, 3-letter word we use in English to refer to the Self-Existent Being Who Is The Only Reality.
  • Consciousness - Awareness.  
  • God Consciousness - To think, see, and feel with God's Mind.  Transformed from our human, fallen, limited space-time consciousness into beings that know as much about that Self Existent Being as He knows about Us.

That is also your story.

You are not what you think you are.

Your life is not about being you.

Your life IS about Being Not You.

Your life has always been, and will always be.

We cut down the Tree of Life in order to build the Tower of Babel.

YOU are The Tree of Life.

You are the ocean, in the presence of light, bubbled-off of the surface, suspended in mid-air, [Note: The 4 primal elements, as the Water (ocean) sits on the Earth, and the Fire (sun) causes the ocean to evaporate into the Air] thinking you are an autonomous water molecule, the most wonderful raindrop there ever was...Raindrop, yes...Wonderful, of course...But, even more so...

That, then, is our purpose here...Helping little raindrops remember what they really are.

In short, we are working 

  • Toward - Whether we have any effect or not is beyond our control.  It is not the point.  We are moving in that direction, which in and of itself provides a life full of more meaning and purpose than any other endeavor imaginable, except of course winning a Grammy for Best Hair of the Year.  You see, ultimately, if we are not personally living the changes we want to see in the world, then we are living a purposeless lie.

  • Transformation - We are talking change.  Your personal, individual change, and the changing of the planet.  Things cannot continue as they are.  In fact, it is mathematically impossible that they will.  The little statistic I left off of yesterday's Paint By the Numbers is that...that...In 25 years there are going to be 4 Billion more people on this earth.  A 66.6% increase in 300 months.  So, not speaking as a prophet, but only as a mathematician, something will (not must, will) change in less time than has passed since Nixon cancelled the war in Vietnam...Either 1) we will radically change the birth rates (thru war, disease, genocide, birth control, celibacy), or 2) we will watch daily starvation in the millions (yes, millions), or 3) we will find...we will find...Something Wonderful!!

  • Global - Each of us individually, ever closer, in the planetary community.

  • Consciousness - Oops...I'm repeating myself here...There's that thinking / awareness / consciousness thing again...Global Consciousness, God Consciousness...Could there be a connection?  

Stay tuned...and don't forget, to...

"Singing to the Ocean, I can hear the Ocean's roar

Play for free, play for me, and play a whole lot more

Singing of the good things, and the Sun that lights the way

Singing to the ocean, Has the Ocean lost its way?!?!?!?"

---The Ocean, Led Zeppelin, Houses of the Holy.



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