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About Us



The Calling’s Mission Statement



We want to be a source of inspiration,

helping people who have been

disenfranchised from mainstream religion,

to find fulfillment in a life that matters.


• We want every single person on this ‘Big Blue Marble’ to be transformed into the fullness of God.

• We’re here to let everyone interested in spiritual growth know God’s Holy Name as revealed in the Torah (the Hebrew Bible), and why this Name is so important.

• We are dedicated to the straightforward idea that once you know God’s Name, with a little research (inner and outer) you can learn everything about Him.

• We’re here to model a personal, direct and real relationship with God; beyond belief, hope or feeling to actual experience and knowing. We want to help you find the same glorious amazement.


The methods The Calling uses to carry out our Mission are:

• Revealing the glories of God’s nature and attributes, using the most powerful tool available – a complete understanding of God’s Name.

• Giving sound teachings for genuine truth seekers, dealing with all aspects of spiritual life.

• Bringing God’s people into a direct personal relationship with Him, transcending what you hear, think or feel; that you might know the Truth and find your freedom.

• Helping create real community (which means ‘with unity’) for those who seek genuine knowledge of the Divine.

• Sharing as we are blessed, with World Vision and others. Where necessary, costs are passed along, but we are a true non-profit, dedicated to scrupulous integrity.



Test us, and see.