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About the Webmaster / Pastor / Rabbi

Hello. Thank you for your interest in The Church of Yahweh, and about me personally.

For those who are really interested, I have written my "spiritual autobiography," called Transcendent Experiences.  It goes into much greater depth than this brief overview.

My name is Ahyh. I was born on 5/8/58 in Southern California to very loving, suburban parents.

I was not raised in the Church at all, yet throughout my life I've had this nagging question... "What is the purpose of life?" In September of 1974 I started attending Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California, a "the end of the world is coming" type of neo-fundamentalist church. I came to give my heart to God, through Jesus, with all sincerity asking Him to control my life and make it an instrument of His Divine, Perfect Will.

Not having a Church background, I had very little of the pre-conditioning which all-too-often closes the mind & spirit to any type of genuine growth. I pursued my spiritual life with great fervor, eventually becoming an evangelist & Bible teacher at my local Lutheran church.

Graduating from High School in 1976, I briefly attended The University of California at Irvine as a Mathematics major, and then Christ College in Irvine (Lutheran, now known as Concordia University) as a pre-ministerial student. There 2 things happened which would change my life forever:

First, I met a friend named Dennis Bradshaw, another pre-ministerial student, who introduced me to "the spaciest guy I've ever met. You've GOT to meet him." In April 1977 Dennis took me to Los Angeles to meet Dan Bloxsom, a modern Kabbalist (the mystical tradition within Judaism.) Dan gave about a 1 hour talk. The upshot was this:

"When you get tired of playing around, absolute truth can be known by you directly. The simplest and most powerful way to do this is through the Revelation of God's Name, which is "YHWH" or "YOD-HEH-VAV-HEH." Start by chanting this Name 100 times each morning and night. Every month, add 100 times. You will eventually see that the only reality is YHWH, and that reality is identical to your essential self."

Well, I had very mixed reactions. One part of me said that this was pure, unadulterated bull. Period. Another part of me realized that, essentially, my religious pathway was stuck in neutral, and the simple experiment would either work, or it wouldn't. So I embarked on Dan's little pathway.

Five months later, YHWH had proven absolutely to be the single key which unlocked the entire heavens and the earth. And Dan was right.

Second, I ran headlong into the obscene closed-mindedness of Orthodoxy. On the first day of Christian Doctrine class, the teacher announced with great piety that, should any of our papers or test answers vary at all from codified Lutheran doctrine, our grades & careers would suffer. It was quite obvious that personal growth & the "Quest for The Grail" were NOT desired; we were to prove that we were good little parrots and could regurgitate what we were fed.

Needless to say, I left as soon as possible. In 1980 I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Chapman University in Orange, California with a Bachelor's degree in the World's Religions. Freely encouraged to explore the totality of human consciousness, across all times & religions, I discovered that the revelations granted by Dan's little experiment were reconfirmed universally, that

YHWH's Name is, experimentally & verifiably, the single most important tool for human consciousness to gain direct access to the Universal Truth.

Those were the pivotal moments in my spiritual life. The Name has continued to blossom in my life. Even to this day I can honestly state that barely a week goes by that I don't understand another Glorious aspect of YHWH through the revelation/tool/gift of His Name.

Thus, The Church of Yahweh. My lifetime of teaching & realization is contained within these documents. I hope you find it valuable in your Quest for God.  But, as I've said elsewhere in the Site, please do not believe anything I or anyone else says without testing, examining & internalizing it.

I am not a cult.  I have a membership list, but no requirements to worship me.......I'm just a person questing for Infinite Truth.

I am available for personal correspondence & appearances. I love to meet with people.  The Web is a means of communication, but v-e-r-y limited. 

I never charge a penny. If I need to travel many miles (I live in Tennessee) then I need help with travel expenses, but that is all.

If you would like to contact me in a more personal way, give me a call.   

(615) 773-6084

I really do love to get calls from you.  People on this site seem to be mature, and I have never had any problem with this.

Peace.  And thank you very much for reading and being here.

("Yow!  Maybe the limits of the Web are a good thing!")

For those of you interested, here's an article written about me (focusing on the name change) by David Ross in the Roadrunner Newspaper in Valley Center, California, about 45 north-east of downtown San Diego.

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