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What is the Kabbalah?

Every religion contains a "normal" set of teachings, practices and beliefs.  These are known as the outer or "exoteric" way; the religion of the common man & woman in the pews.

Every religion also contains another set of teachings, practices and views.  These are known as the inner or "esoteric" way, the religion of those who are not content to merely believe what other people say about God, but seek to go beyond belief altogether to gain direct, personal knowledge of the Divine.  

This inner way is also known as mysticism.  In common language mysticism has come to be associated with fortune telling, astrology and Ouija boards.  This is not true.  Mystics seek to know God.

The mystical tradition within Judaism is called Kabbalism, also spelled "Kabalism", "Qabbalism", "Qabalism", Cabbalism" and "Cabalism".  

There are many, many books available on Kabbalism, and our purpose is not to repeat those teachings here.  The central notion, however, consists in centuries-long meditations on how the One, Invisible Elohim is connected to the Multitude of Visible Creation.  In other words, the actual, tangible agents, vehicles and properties by which He Who Is Transcendently One generates the Imminent Multiverse.

VERY deep indeed.....And obviously not for the beginner.

For the record, The Church of Yahweh is Christian Kabbalism.


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