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Welcome to God's Website

(Say What?!?)

"Thank you for the most profound contribution to the web I have ever found."- actual reader email.

The Web is so vast, it is most unlikely you are here by accident. We are here to aid in your Quest for God.

Hello everybody. We are glad you are here. Really. 

Founded in November 1994, The Church of Yahweh (TCoY) is dedicated to presenting the clearest explanations we can about the mysteries and essence of the universe, God, and ourselves.  The best, most powerful tool we have ever found to this end is a complete understanding of God's Holy Name, YHWH.

On this Website you will find many documents. They cover all essential aspects of religion. Do not accept or believe any of it, without carefully testing & examining its truth. Believing what someone else tells you, simply because you think they have some authority, is one of the silliest things you can do.


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Hello, Fellow Seekers for Truth!

We have attempted to summarize all the material on this website, in the following list.  At present there's about 1,200 pages.


Opening Prayer 


New and News - The most recent offerings on the site


  The Future Testament - The most exciting news we have to share with you is the introduction of our latest book, The Future Testament.

Exciting news! The Future Testament is now available in eBook Kindle form, for only $9.99!  And, you do not even need a Kindle to read it.  You can be reading it in less than a minute, friends.

If you have any questions, just click here.

To order the Print (book) copy of The Future Testament, just click here.

To order the Kindle version of The Future Testament, just click here.

  One Becomes One - The OTHER most exciting news we have to share with you is the introduction of our other latest book, One Become One.

Over and over, people always want to know, "Who are you folks?  Where did you get this?"  Well, One Becomes One tells the story of how the authors of The Future Testament met, and how the book came to be written.  It is one of those "You have GOT to be kidding!" type stories.  Our very first date was to drive to the courthouse and get married...and then things got really weird.

If you have any questions, just click here.

To order the Print (book) copy of One Becomes One, just click here.

To order the Kindle version of One Becomes One, just click here.

Introductions - We get to know each other

Testimonials  A small sampling from the thousands of emails we've received over the years

Why All This Really Matters  Life has its ups and downs.  This material is all meant to help.

Complaints & Criticisms

About TCoY

Who We Are; Answers to the questions "Who are you?  Where did you get this stuff?  How did you figure this out?"  A brief overview of TCoY's leadership.

 We answer this the best we can.

Our Mission Statement   To help touch the World

Who We Are NOT - A clarification

How We Should Live - Your Life matters more than "doctrine"

"I Am Liberty" - A Book Recommendation, with some AudioBook samples

The Rules of Gold - Toward a Radical Transcendence of The Current Dilemma.  How do we fight terrorism without becoming a terrorist?  How do we oppose hatred without hating?  I approach the topic.  this may be the single most important thing I have ever written.  Please let me know.

About Forgiveness - the title says it all

On the Death of Soul and the Birth of Christ

In Memoriam - My Rabbi, Dan Bloxsom

The Song - Coincidence and Synchronicity

The Value of the World and Learning - A very short (really, just 6 verses) Bible study for all parents with reluctant students

Doing and Being - Thoughts on Prayer and Tithing

The Proximity of God Consciousness - a Commentary on War

Connections - Rediscovering Our Connectedness

The Perfection of Ego - Further Considerations on Connectedness

The Proximity of God Consciousness - a Commentary on War

Connections - Rediscovering Our Connectedness

The War Originally Called Infinite Justice (aka "War on Terror" aka "Iraqi Freedom" aka ""global struggle against violent extremists") continues.  If you care anything at all about God, truth, justice, or humanity, you MUST read this.

All good people?  We have the technology and ability to eliminate all disease and suffering on this planet; what we lack is the Moral Will.

Painting by the numbers, Part 1  What it would actually cost to eliminate starvation.  (Updated for budgeted 2004 figures.)

Painting by numbers, Part 2  How the rest of the world lives.

Will and Testament.  Addressing this lack of moral will.

Ego  The Real problem, keeping us from the Promised Land.

How to Know God's Will  A perennial question (I respectfully submit) finally answered.

Moses Turned Aside God is ready, when you are.

Honor the Sabbath  Keeping the Sabbath is not an ancient, stupid idea meant to burden people; it is a huge blessing especially needed by today's modern person.

The 4 Aims of Life  All are essential, and required for a balanced, healthy life. 

Religion as a Tool  Instead of arguing about who's shovel is the best, we need to get to work!

Righteousness as Right-ness  This one idea has the power to change almost everything we think about religion.

Righteousness as Right-ness, part 2  This is a Bible Study that shows "Righteousness" replaced with "Right-ness".  Amazing

Created for Joy  This is every verse in the Bible that contains the word "Joy" and its variants.  A bit long, but really worth it.

3 Small Ideas With Huge Consequences Faith, pruning, and newness.

Financial Health, Part 1  I have worked in the financial world for almost 20 years.  I believe I can help, if you are really ready. 

Financial Health, Part 2  

Powaqqatsi and the Myth of More  The trappings of consumerism, and the value of your soul.

Turn Off the TV  One of the most powerful, life changing things you can do.

How to Have a BALL in Life Be nice, Always tell the truth, Learn everything, and Limit tv

Life in the Spirit  Your life is more than your possessions; So what is Life?

Comments On the Social Order Government, taxes, law, and God's Name

Some Practical Applications Some specific ways this information can help touch and transform 

Documents About God's Name

A Simple Overview  This is a condensed one-page document explaining the historical origins & transformation the Divine Name has undergone. Jehovah's Witnesses, please read this first before sending e-mail.

Things We Do With Names  Take everything humans do with names, and apply that to God's Name, and you begin to see what TCoY is all about

God is Not God's Name  Explains in great detail, and in very simple terms, why this Name is so essential.  It is (most say) an excellent introduction for the beginning student, written from the "I Am" perspective.  An overview of God's personal Name, why it is important, and how it has become lost over the centuries.  

I Will Be What I Will Be  This is a highly condensed version of all the teaching available through The Church of Yahweh. It explains how God's "name" is actually "I Will Be", and that all religious truth is contained in these 3 words.  

What is God's REAL Name?   A detailed discussion, including a photo from the Hebrew-English Interlinear Bible, about the ancient linguistics involved in God's Name.

Why Does "I Will Be" Make People Nervous?   Discussing "I Am" vs. "I Will Be".

Blessed is He Who Comes in the Name of YHWH  One of the Stations of the Cross, this explains the amazing connection between the Father's Name YHWH and the Son's Name YHSWH.

The Divine Name as the Key to Political Understanding  Everything, even politics, can be better understood in the light of YHWH's Name.

About Chanting YHWH's Name  Why this ancient practice still has value today, and does not violate any of Jesus' instructions.  

The Mathematical Equation for "God"  One of the chapters in The Revealing Science of God.  The Divine Name is the key to all understanding.

Pharaoh   The abominable practice of not even printing Yhwh's Name in our Bibles is an obscenity, an affront to The Holy Creator.

Satanism and God's Name Subtle, yet utterly opposite

Gentle Jesus Meek and Mild  Some righteous anger is helpful, when the sin's horrid enough.

Due to popular request we are providing you with the following 3 group chants of God's Sacred Name, Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh, also known as Yahweh

Ani Yhwh #1- 100 times, rather fast

Ani Yhwh #2 - lyrical call and answer

Ani Yhwh #3 - "dropping the layers" call and answer



God Consciousness - Don't be scared; "God Consciousness" means to Think as God Thinks

The Proximity of God Consciousness  A Commentary on War 

One Hear oh Israel, Yhwh is God, Yhwh is ONE. 

Expect...Something...Wonderful!!  An introduction to the whole notion of God Consciousness

Getting High A Primer in God Consciousness, part 1

A Bible Study in God Consciousness  A Primer in God Consciousness, part 2

Righteousness  Dead to sin, alive to God.

Destination, Part 1  Without a vision, the people perish

Destination, Part 2 The Fruit of the Spirit

States of Consciousness  What are you thinking?


Especially For Christians

Church  For those who have been so hurt and abused, I understand

Jesus Died For You  We have misunderstood the Gospel; here, I submit my corrections

The Stations of The Cross  23 meditations on what Christ's Passion can teach us  

Sibling  The Holy Son of God calls you Sister and Brother

"When do you think Jesus is coming again?  What's your view on the rapture?  Are you pre-tribulation or post-tribulation?"  About the end of the world, the book of Revelations, and things like that

On the Inerrancy of Scripture  The Bible's origins

"A friend told me that we can only honor the Sabbath on Saturday.  Is a Sunday Sabbath wrong?"  It amazes me how often this comes up

"Do you think we have to go to Church to be saved?"  I'll give you my best answer

Jesus was a loser and a coward.  It's time the truth be told

The Lutheran Jihad Marches On  And people think I'm crazy?

"Have Yourself a Mystic Little Christmas" - For those who seek more...

For Advanced Students - This really should not be the first stuff you read here

Access to the Field

The Revealing Science of God      

The Truth About Tarot Cards

The Ani Ain System Revisited, part 1.  

The Ani Ain System Revisited, part 2.  

The Ani Ain System Revisited, part 3.  

Ani Yhwh Revisited.  

Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem and the Name of God.  

Other, Miscellaneous, and Just for Fun


My Top Ten Movies.  Do not read this.  It will offend, disturb and bother you.  Please.  This is not a joke. 

Happy Birthday  A Christmas Meditation

Passport to Eternity by Dan Bloxsom.  

Cat Consciousness About the war on terrorism 

Caught in the Act.  Shocking beyond description

Dare the Devil  A short serial novel in 31 parts, being a modern Christian morality story, with its fair share of twists.

And You And I  A commentary on (English rock group) Yes' Masterpiece    

Close to the Edge  A commentary on another Yes masterpiece  

Love Stains  The best poem I ever wrote, for mature audiences  

Lint Screen  Everything you need to know if life you can learn in a lint screen

Fool's Journey  Those of you who know will understand  


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