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Fool's Journey

Being a Psychodrama in Several Parts

Copyright 2000, The Church of Yahweh


This document may be freely distributed, but never sold.

Those of you who know, will understand.

Those of you who do not know, will also understand...eventually.

Part 0

It is a bright, early spring day wherein we meet our hero. He's walking along a lovely high mountain pass. All around him the birds are singing, the flowers are beginning to blossom and life is truly beautiful. He has a backpack and he's walking with his favorite companion, his favorite little dog. But all is not well for The Fool. You see, he has no thankfulness, he has no happiness.

And we hear him speak, "Well, least I was able to get away for a while. The damn job. I can't stand all the pressure I'm under. It's just not what I wanted my career to be at this point. And now, after all this, I can't believe that they're actually asking me to take a pay cut. I get no appreciation from the wife and kids. Glad to be out here all by myself. They can all just go to hell. I don't need any of them. But I guess I'm trapped right now. If I divorce the bitch she is gonna take me for all I got. Can't afford that. I'm not entirely sure I'd miss the kids but, hey, why put up with the hassle of alimony and child support? I'd love to tell my boss to take it and shove it. But damn it I need the money. Oh well. At least I'm out here for the weekend. How `bout it boy? How you doin?" The dog barks faithfully.

Meanwhile, The Fool seems somehow not to recognize the glorious creation all around him. He is more interested in getting away and having solitude then he is in celebrating the beauties of the natural wonders that he is hiking in.

As he approaches one particularly high cliff, all of a sudden the dog begins to bark in a great warning, "Woof! Woof! Woof!" Heedless of the dog's warning and not paying any attention to where he is, more absorbed in his own sorrow and self despair, even pity, The Fool wanders too close to the cliff.

The rocks beneath him begin to crumble, until he's actually on top of a landslide. The entire hill underneath him crumbles away and he is all of a sudden falling, through a great empty sky. His dog disappears. The mountain crumbles away so completely that there is no more mountain to be seen. The sunlight disappears and all is replaced with this eerie non-specific glow. Kind of like a gray, rather than a golden color.

And he notices that there is not even the feeling of falling, that he is suspended in this glowing white light, and all around him is absolute nothingness.

Part 1

As The Fool stands in mid-air he begins to notice cascades of energy radiating below. Almost like lightning and yet more in a rippling type of effect. And these ripples go to and fro, and up and down and in and out, in an incredible multiplex of energy and transformed motion. This energy rises and rises until finally it engulfs him completely. And all of a sudden his body is charged with an electrical excitement the likes of which he has never even imagined. Not pleasure, not pain, but he feels coursing through his very being the essence of raw unbridled infinite energy!

He barely has even time to ask himself what is happening, when all of a sudden he hears, in a calm but very authoritative voice behind him, "Hello." He turns and he sees a man, clothed in glowing white. And he stands with his hands outstretched one arm toward the sky above, if there were a sky, and one hand pointing to the ground below, if there was a ground.

In his uplifted right hand there is a solid crystal. And The Fool sees that it is from that crystal that all of the cascading energy around him and in him and through him is originating. That crystal is somehow a transmitter of this infinite power.

The man welcomes The Fool. "It has been so long since I have seen you, I'm glad we have this chance to chat. I would like to show you something." And he gestures with his left hand and magically in front of him appears this table. And upon this table The Fool recognizes some images, which appear to his mortal eyes to look almost like a circle, and a rod and a sword and perhaps, yes, even a cup. But as he attempts to gaze at them through these cascading fields of flowing energy he sees that they are not really material objects. They are rather condensed forms of this energy itself. And he looks and he seems to be peering as it were through the ages of all existence. And upon this table the man in front of him is showing him four infinite realities.

The Fool sees mind and he sees desire. And he sees the entire totality of the physical universe, radiating in front of him! Unknown, uncountable worlds where angels dance, where saints surround celestial paradises, where people sing and walk and dance and mate.

The Fool is beyond awestruck. "What is happening to me?" He wonders. "Is this some kind of a strange dream? Have I passed out? Have I fallen and hit my head on a rock? Is this some kind of strange drug flashback from my high school days?"

The man in front of The Fool speaks to him one more time. "All of these powers which you see are infinite potentiality. But we must have someone to shape them. Forever potential, eternal nothing. Mine to shape, to course the dream!"

Part 2

The man says to The Fool, "I would like you to meet someone." And The Fool turns around and sees the most beautiful vision of divine motherhood he has ever conceived of in his life. She is clothed in a glorious robe. Upon her head the very radiance of the Sun itself projects. The Fool can just barely look at her. Radiating from her is a love and a warmth, the likes of which he has never imagined in his life. But as he notices her he sees that the potencies on the table in front of the man are being drawn toward this wonderful woman. And he sees that as they flow almost like water down stream toward her, that they begin to solidify and condense as the energy continues to multiplex and form and grow.

And then in one startling moment The Fool's eyes are opened. He knows who he is seeing. He knows who he is talking to. "Father!" He cries. "Mother!, I have missed you so." "Yes, our darling son." They say in unison. "We do love you. But you have much to learn. We will always be with you as you journey throughout this land. Be not afraid, but be of great courage. We move to be one with you, that you might recognize that you are forever one with us."

And as the two of them speak in perfect unison the energies around The Fool become even more solidified. He notices that his mother is holding a book, a sacred book. He doesn't understand what the book is, but he knows that it is a book of infinite power. And as the potencies continue to expand and take form and shape through his mother, his father and his mother draw ever closer to him, until he is pressed between them and the force becomes completely unimaginable. Beyond anything he has ever known. As though the weight of 100 trillion earths was pressing in upon every square inch of his flesh.

A way out, he has to find a way out! The only way out that he can see is that this holy book she is holding is all of a sudden an open door to another universe. And as quickly as he can he dives head first into the blackness of this book.

Part 3

In the darkness, in the darkness. The Fool stands or lies or floats in a directionless, meaningless empty nothingness. All around him is nothing, there is nothing to see. Until he hears a voice. This is the voice of his father/mother. Both he and she, a voice of such unimaginable glory and majesty and power that it fills him with more awe then he can possibly express.

And what this voice says is, "Let there be light!" And instantly there is a flood of light the power of 100 billion suns all blazing in on The Fool. And this light is the all consuming reality, the total darkness has turned into complete light. There is no shadow, there is only this all pervading eternal light. The light has no source, for it is everywhere, as though every single speck of existence has turned into a thousand photons. And this pure energy of light is dancing and expanding! Forever!

And as Fool stands, absolutely awestruck beyond anything he ever imagined before, he begins to see that the light starts to separate, and he recognizes a sun. And he sees the Moon and beneath him he sees the Earth, and he gazes upon the Earth and he sees all of the sudden that waters are forming into oceans. And he sees dry land appear. And the land is sprouting with vegetation. And the birds are beginning to fly through the air. And around him he hears in this endless echoing, "It is good, it is good, it is good, it is good, it is very very good." This comes to a great crescendo as he sees the light begin to pulsate until finally it seems to quiver and dance on the edge of existence and hovers on the Earth. And The Fool stands in amazement and recognizes that he is gazing upon none other than Adam and Eve, standing in the celestial garden of God's paradise.

The voice that he hears says one more time, "All is good, all is good, all is very, very good." And almost in a dream, almost in a vision, while The Fool looks down to see the newly formed Earth he winds up floating down to the Earth with them. And beside Adam and Eve he sees this beautiful figure, who says nothing, but only smiles and hugs him. He knows that he is in the embrace of Mother Nature, that the oneness which they feel is a oneness that the mother has with her children. And having recently given birth they all bask in the glow of pure, perfect harmonious love.

Part 4

All of a sudden everything changes. Not visually, but within his feeling. The Fool turns around again and sees a majestic, incredibly large granite throne, hundreds of feet high. And upon this throne sits a man, with a very stern countenance. And the man looks to The Fool, points his scepter at him and says to The Fool, "Thus sayeth the Lord, so shall it be written, so shall it be done!" And as the Emperor speaks the word "done", The Fool sees around him many mystical and magical symbols. Some he recognizes from his mathematics, some he recognizes from other places. Formulas of all kind, relationships, understandings. How it is that an electron is formed. The force which keeps the different protons inside of a nucleus held together. The power that keeps the electron in orbit around the nucleus. The powers of covalent and electrical bonding to keep all molecules in harmony, from the bottom up. From the very rubric of existence through the highest forms of the universe. The Fool sees laid out in front of him, the totality of law. The totality of all structure, purpose and meaning! This is no realm merely of gushy motherly love. This is a domain of infinite power being ruled and run constantly and absolutely by the iron hand of perfect divine law!

The Fool drops to his knees, hides his head, and shudders.

Part 5

The voices of law, the voices of goodness, the cascading unbelievable energies fade away. When The Fool opens his eyes he sees that he is standing in the Garden. And it is a beautiful garden.

The Fool asks himself, "What is going on? Who am I?" And he feels a warm loving hand upon his shoulder. "Hello my child." He looks and sees some kind of religious figure, a Priest perhaps. The Fool has never been too interested in religion, but he's seen enough movies to know what looks like a religious guy when he sees one. And this guy really looks like one.

And without even thinking The Fool says, "I am so afraid. I do not understand what is happening here." "I am here to help you," says the priest. "I am here to help you understand what is going on, but in order to do that there are many journeys which you must undertake. You must gain knowledge of all that is good. All of nature and all of law is here to help you. The laws of nature are to heal the wounds of man. Use them right and they will help you if they can. Wrongly used, and you will only harm yourself. Then it's too late to come to me for help. But who are you? That is the question. For you have the world outside of you and you have the world inside of you. Until your inside is attuned to the outside, you will never understand either the outside or the inside. Inside out, outside in is the only way for you to begin. All will be revealed." And the priest raises his hands and begins to ever so gently float up into the air. "Keep following the light, follow the light." "Turn" The priest says. "And see."

The Fool sees his wife Eve. And he sees her glorious nakedness. And he sees that he too is naked. Without any shame, without any discomfort. He is not too hot, he is not too cold. Everything is wonderful. And he sees a garden of trees. And two trees especially in the very center of the Garden.

The High Priest says to him, "Of this tree on the right you may freely eat, for it is the Tree of Eternal Infinite life. Of this tree on the left you must not touch it, for it is the Tree of the Fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil. And it will hurt you. Be careful my children. Delight and live in the oneness of love!"

The High Priest disappears.

Part 6

Adam embraces his wife, loving her, feeling the great, glorious gift he has to start anew. But as he embraces her Eve reaches up and pulls from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil one fruit, which she then eats. She gives the fruit to Adam and he too eats. At which point Adam falls to the ground in great shame. "I am so naked, I am so ashamed." He sees rolling out in front of his eyes a parade. A parade of uncountable billions of souls. Their bodies full of pain. Their hearts full of sorrow, despair, ugliness, enmity, jealousy, strife. And worse, he sees uncountable millions of these souls fighting against each other, killing themselves in the name of peace. Inflicting with torture, the most unspeakable, unbearable pain. The poor Fool knows that through the unveiling of this forbidden fruit, all future pain will come. "I give you all of my dreams." He says. "I give you all of my me. If you'll only remove pain. Help me! Someone, anyone!"

Part 7

He hears a great rushing, whirling sound, and looks up into the sky and sees the most amazing sight. He sees a man riding a glowing chariot being pulled by two fiery steeds of mystical nature. And this chariot swoops down, grabs Adam, puts him into the chariot and away they fly. They fly high, they fly far. Up and beyond, away from this garden. He flies so fast, he flies so far and takes The Fool to a distant land. The charioteer speaks to him, "The first thing you must know, Fool, is that all is grace. That is the first lesson. You're accomplishments and your failures are nothing. The gift that I give you is the only gift of reality. I will show you everything you need to see. Teach you everything you need to know. I will take you there. Trust in me."

They fly a little farther and land upon a distant mountain plateau. The chariot stops, the charioteer opens the door and says, "Remember, all is grace. I will see you later."

Part 8

The Fool enters a huge tent. This is the Circus of Heaven. There's a barker in front saying, "Step right up folks, and see the wickedest creature known to man! The fowl, horrid, disgusting and evil one is here entrapped! If you do not fear for your lives, then I dare you to enter and watch this most fearsome beast be conquered!"

The Fool takes his seat and watches in the center ring as a huge, flaming, fiery lion bounds into the arena. The lion roars with a deafening roar that almost bursts The Fool's eardrums! This is the loudest, most horribly frightening creature The Fool has ever seen! And the lion roars, carcasses are everywhere. We see rotting flesh, the carcasses of death everywhere, that this creature has eaten in shows past. The stench is unbearable. And in it's mouth the creature has a tiny child and is tossing this child back and forth, ripping it limb from limb! And now the voice says, the announcer, "Will you please welcome, the lion tamer!"

The Fool sits completely astounded. Entering the arena is a delicate, tiny, fragile woman. She's dressed in all white, she does not weigh even a hundred pounds. She's less than five foot tall. But above her head there is a flowing pattern that almost looks like an eight laying down on it's side.

The lion, when it sees the woman, lets out a shriek and a growl even louder then the ones before! The woman approaches the lion stepping over the strewn carcasses of the dead, not even noticing them. She walks to the lion and the lion begins to tremble, it's teeth are snarling, it's growling. But it is so full of fear it is unable to move. The lady approaches the lion and touches the top of his head. He freezes. She gently reaches under his mouth and closes it. As she does so a blinding light grows within these jaws. And as the jaw is finally closed the light fills the entire arena. "Come," The lady says. She points to The Fool. "Come, join me." At this point The Fool is overcome, he has already seen so much and he understands so little, he has no will power to disobey. He rises out of his seat, approaches the lady, and she says, "Come, let us go."

She pats the lion on the hind quarters, indicating for The Fool to sit on the lion. As he does so she says, "Goodbye," and the lion rises and runs outside the arena. The Fool holds onto the lion's mane with his dear life. This lion runs and runs and runs until they come to the base of a huge, tall mountain.

Part 9

The lion begins to climb the mountain, and is able to do so for awhile, until everything becomes too steep, and the lion stops. It falls to the ground and evaporates into a puddle of water. The Fool stands, looks up to the top of the very highest precipice, and sees a tiny glowing candle. Intrigued, and too far out to ever have any place to return to, The Fool begins very painfully to climb this mountain. With great labor and struggle he eventually reaches the top. As he does so he sees the most mysterious figure. A hooded man with a thick, huge cloak, holding in his right hand a lantern which was the candle that The Fool saw so many hundreds of feet below. This figure The Fool recognizes as being ancient beyond all powers of description. The Fool looks in awe, but the man on the hill does not acknowledge him, only stands, holding the candle. The Fool speaks, "Thy age, thy ways, I'd give you all that I am if only you'd tell me your name." The man looks at The Fool and speaks in a very slow solemn voice, "The name which I have is NOTHING. The name which I am called is NOT. The name which I can show is ALL." He opens his cloak and the two embrace, the man wraps his cloak around The Fool, and in this all-consuming darkness The Fool sees a perfect miracle.

Part 10

The Fool sees out in the distance, as though he were a spaceship flying to a huge spacestation, a series of three interlocking wheels. They are spinning in all directions, forward and back, clockwise and counter clockwise. Up and down, in every conceivable possible direction. And from these wheels is jutting out every color imaginable. Of all of the millions of subtle colors that the eye is capable of perceiving, The Fool sees them all! A million shades of violet, a hundred thousand different yellows. Greens, reds, blues and oranges so vivid and so electrifying that he is absolutely struck dumb by beauty. And as he looks the wheels begin to slow down. And as they do The Fool flies closer to them. Around these wheels he sees four creatures. They look angelic. They look almost human, they look almost animal. He does not know what they are. But they are there, and they surround him and bring him closer and closer to the wheels. The closer he gets, the more the wheels slow down, until finally he begins to see that there is some kind of writing or image on the wheels. They get slower and slower until he sees that it's not actually writings at all. But they are figures, and the figures are his body! He sees his head, he sees his arm, he sees his torso and he sees his legs pictured on these wheels! He is absolutely panicked with fear! And as he continues to draw closer, inside of the inner most wheel in the absolute center of all of them, a tiny door opens, and the four magical wondrous creatures escort him into this secret chamber.

Part 11

The chamber door closes behind him. This is a plain room. This is the most normal thing The Fool has seen from the beginning of this strange journey. The Fool stands before a Judge, sitting upon a Judge's bench with a scaling balance in one hand and an upraised sword in another. With a very stern but very fair voice the Judge says to The Fool, "Stand and present thyself, you are on trial for your life. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury we present the evidence." And The Fool looks as above the head of the Judge appears a movie screen. Upon this screen, from the moment of his birth until just that time that he was walking along the mountain, The Fool sees his life. He sees the moment of his birth, he sees his childhood, he sees his school days. He sees his marriage, his family, the birth of his children, his career. He sees the people that he has used and lied to. He sees the way that he has not cared a bit about other human beings, but only sought what he could get from them. Even the people that he was nice to, he was always doing so simply because he thought he could ahead in business. He sees he is using his wife for purposes of social standing and convenience as an unpaid housekeeper. He sees his children not as people whom he loves, but as things to try and extend his influence. His whole life has been spent trying to remake his children in his own image. To force and exert his will upon all of those around him.

The movie stops. The Fool hangs his head. The Judge asks if The Fool has anything to say for himself, and The Fool says, "No." The Judge asks the jury, "What is thy verdict?" And with a loud unanimous voice they shout out, "Guilty!!!" "Fool" The Judge says. "You have been found guilty by a jury of justice for crimes against yourself.. In punishment, you are ordered to be hanged!"

Part 12

They grab The Fool, they walk him up a flight of stairs where there is a huge gallows. Only the noose is not put around his neck. No. It is put around his feet. His hands are bound behind him and the executioner turns a huge wheel. And as he does so The Fool is swept off his feet until he hangs upside down, suspended from the gallows beam. He hangs and he waits... But strangely, quite unexpectedly The Fool does not feel a sense of panic. He feels only a sense of peace. And as he hangs there he thinks back over the events which have transpired in this marvelous mystical journey. Still unable to understand, he is able to nevertheless trust in beauty blind. But there are forces and powers at work here within him that he never imagined as he stood on that mountain such a short time ago, complaining about his life. Yes, with such beauty, with such love, for him to have been such a dark, evil and manipulative person, his death is the only justice.

But he remembers, as he hangs there, his life slipping from him, the words of the Judge. That he is not being sentenced to death for crimes against humanity, but for crimes against himself! And all of a sudden he begins to see, with the tiniest glint of comprehension, the beginning of the message. And he realizes, as his last life's breath drains from his body, that his parents, his wife, his children, his job were an extension of himself. And his failure to appreciate them was a failure to appreciate himself. This is his last thought, as The Fool dies.

Part 13

The greatest shock is yet to come. For as The Fool dies he does not pass into the empty nothingness which he had been taught to expect. No, as he hangs there from the gallows's tree, as his life passes out of his body, he simply slips out and stands, absolutely dumbfounded, looking at his body hanging from the tree!

He hears a rushing sound and sees behind him a black knight on a white horse. This knight, he sees through the armor, is a skeleton. And this skeleton swoops down, grabs The Fool, and they fly up into the sky into a very dark tunnel. This tunnel surrounds them, and as The Fool hangs on to death, the Knight of Death rides his steed toward this glowing grid. The grid becomes ever brighter, ever closer until finally it surrounds The Fool.

Part 14

As the light covers him and envelops him into a cocoon of luminance, The Fool sees an angel with glorious glowing wings. Emblazoned upon her chest is his face and his arms and his body and his legs, the same mystical symbol that he saw on the wheels. Completely astounded (once again) he gazes in rapturous joy upon this angel, who is balancing two cups of water. Pouring one into the other, the other into the one. And the water flows into this glorious figure. A figure of eight. And the angel says to him simply, "Balance is all, balance is all."

Part 15

The Fool hears behind him a scowl, a dark ugly scowl. "No, it is not! Balance is filth! Excess is the only salvation!" He turns and sees, sitting upon this pathetic little stool, the Devil himself, breathing fire, pointed horned ears, silly stupid little bats wings flapping. And the Devil speaks to him, "You have nothing, you are nothing. You are my prisoner! See your chains!" And The Fool feels around his neck a huge chain made of solid iron links. The strength of a million horses could not break one. The Devil continues, "You have been cursed, you are being punished. You are wrong in all that you have ever done, and now your soul shall be mine forever. This is the end of your journey. This is the end of the story. You are dead! And now I will own your rotting soul forever, I will torch you in my fires until you scream and scream for the next hundred trillion years! Then I will take a lunch break. God is just, and his perfect justice demands perfect obedience. You have not obeyed and therefore your failure is eternal. You are mine!!"

Adam stands, but somehow feels no fear. Because during the Devil's little speech he notices that, though a hundred thousand horses could not break one of these links of chain, all he has to do is lift the chain up and over his head and be free!

He does so, and as he removes the chain the Devil screams and roars. He rages, "No, this can never be! You cannot do this! No! Come back here! You are mine!" And The Fool, with no fear, laughs. For the first time, The Fool is able to laugh.

Part 16

Immediately a lightning bolt flashes through the sky, hits the Devil on his neck, and his head explodes into a blaze of light! All of the other souls trapped inside of the Devil fall from him, out of him and land upon the Earth. As they do so they scurry away like frightened little rabbits. The Fool gazes upon this now decapitated Devil and he sees that the Devil's body has turned to stone, and this huge stone figure is now actually somewhat of a building. The building is partially engulfed in flames and has no roof. Intrigued, The Fool enters the building and begins to climb the steps, until he finally comes, after many, many, many flights of stairs, to the top of the landing. He gazes out and sees huge, vast, vistas. He sees the Earth, he sees the Garden of Eden. He sees the wheels rotating. He sees the gallows that he was just recently hung from. He sees the tall mountain upon which he met the mysterious Hermit.

And then he lifts his gaze off of the Earth, and for one of the first times in his life he lifts his head up toward Heaven. He sees in the sky a glory and a beauty of such simple, delicate poise that he is held in absolute awe. There is a starry band extending beyond anything that his mind could conceive, hundreds upon millions of billions upon trillions of stars. And each of these stars radiates with the pure light of infinite love.

And as he gazes, he sees that these stars surround him, and he is no longer standing upon the tower, but he is standing encased in a canopy of stars.

Part 17

These stars extend out into infinity in all directions, 360 degrees in all directions as far as he can see. He begins to recognize that he is the center of all of these stars. And with the wave of his hand they ripple and sparkle. He gazes out and sees one particularly lovely star. These lights, he recognizes, are the ascended souls of Heaven, all of the souls of people who have come before him and after him, who have been through their own crucifixion. They have conquered the Devil and have risen to take their place in the celestial realm. And each star has it's own name. He sees his great grandmothers, and his great grandfathers. He sees historical figures and great people from the past. And everyone of them now has their own place within the band of Heaven. And as he looks, he begins to notice above and behind his head a very bright light which is beginning to obscure all other lights.

Part 18

This light moves in front of him until he sees that this light is the Moon. And the Moon is calling to him. The moon is saying, "You are greater than all of these stars! You need not be in the heavens as merely a star. You, Fool, have overcome so much, and you are so great, and you are so glorious, that you can actually be the greatest brightest light in the firmament! Be one with me, unite with me, embrace me and you will forever shine as the Moon of God. You will be the greatest there ever was or ever will be!"

The Fool closes his eyes, bows his head and says, "All is grace, all is light, balance is all. Get thee behind me."

Part 19

The Fool, with his eyes closed and his head bent down, sees his body from the inside out. This mysterious figure that he has seen on the wheel and on the chest of the angel, his head, his arms, his body and his legs, now begins to glow with a brightness. And they continue to glow brighter and brighter until finally his entire being is awash in light. He no longer sees legs or a body or arms or a head. He no longer has eyes to close.

He is becoming the sun, he is becoming a star as all the other stars. And as he looks, the Moon rots and decays, for it is mere dust, having only reflected a light which was never its own. And he sees that the stars are not less than he, nor he less than they, but they are all one. And The Fool now glows with this radiating oneness, The Fool now has the body of the Sun itself. And this Sun begins to rise up, higher and higher, to take his place within the celestial firmament.

Part 20

As The Fool, in his fully resplendent radiant Sun body, rises into the Heavens, he looks down and sees all of the other stars rising with him. And as they rise they continue to get bigger and bigger. And as they rise they continue to get larger and larger. He has the distinct impression that he, as a glowing star, as the glowing sun, is just like a little bubble underneath a huge pool of water. He has just been released and is rising up, coming closer and closer to the surface, ever expanding, getting larger. Simultaneously all of the other stars around him are getting closer to each other. And as all of the stars get closer and closer, they finally merge into one infinite ocean of light, every single star touching every other star, no longer any separation between them, until they finally bubble up and break through the surface.

Part 21

As all of the stars unite and break through the surface of the dark, The Fool is standing upon the mountain top. His faithful dog nips at his heels and barks at his side. The infinite Sun is glowing warmly above his head. Across his back he has a nap sack. And as he begins to go back to his loving family, his blessed job and his holy children, he has great thankfulness in his heart. "You know puppy," he says, "I've been thinking. Everything really is grace, everything really is light. But I think that balance is just about the most important thing in the world."

The end.

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