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The Church of Yahweh's Financial Statement

We believe in absolute fiscal responsibility, moral & honorable in all aspects.

  • The Church of Yahweh is a legal non-profit Church as defined by IRS section 501(c)(3).  Though (presently) much smaller than the Baptists & Catholics, it has equal legal standing under the U.S. Constitution.
  • The Church of Yahweh is accounted & audited by Channels & Associates in Costa Mesa, Ca.  Members are entitled to a copy of the most recent financial statements.
  • All money for the Website, supplies, and printed materials comes from voluntary donations from members of The Church of Yahweh.  We do not do fundraisers, car washes, raffles, or anything like it.  Those who wish to contribute money cannot even find a place on the site where to mail the check - you must send us an email requesting a mailing address.

Whereas most organizations try to make it as easy as possible for you to give money, we try to make it as hard as possible.  This is (part of) our way of being, again, as 100% fiscally responsible as is humanly possible.

That being said, those who wish can, indeed, donate money to The Church of Yahweh.  All contributions are tax deductible.

What, then, exactly does the money go to?

  • We pay Interland for hosting the Website.
  • Our domain names cost $35 each per year.
  • Printed & electronic "advertisements" letting people know GodsWebsite.com and Yhwh.com exist.
  • The accounting services of Channels & Associates.
  • Hard-copy versions of the documents (some day, hopefully)
  • And then all the "normal" expenses - phone lines, software, computers, etc.

We do NOT pay for ANY of the following:

  • The actual writings that appear on the site - the author shares his ideas freely, and gets no compensation at all
  • Mailing lists to send Spam-mail
  • Clergy, basketball courts, buildings, cars, fur coats, make-up for the ever-crying painted wife, stained-glass windows, or any of the other costs of "retail religion."  Not that these are necessarily "bad" - it's simply that we try to put all available resources into the information & message, skipping all the other trappings of "normal" ministries.
  • The time or talent (such as it is) of the Webmaster - everything he does is 100% voluntary.

In short, 

1) The information is all free, and 

2) We pay normal costs for its distribution and promotion out of voluntary contributions, and

3) This is all audited, monitored and available as a part of the public record.

We simply do not know how to be any more honest, or make things any simpler than that.

Those who wish to contribute may do soAnd yes, we need money...the more money we have the more promotion we can do. Just Contact us.

And if we are able to touch you and help your life, we know you will want to help others.


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