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     1.  Isn’t this a Graven Image?  Isn’t this idolatry?


Wow.  Of all the questions this one makes me the saddest.


People need to relax just-a-tiny-bit, and they will find there is nothing to fear.


Look, first we have to know what a graven image is. Call it a statue, one that is (this is the important part) worshiped.  Actually prayed to.  The statue (Idol) is not an image, it IS the god or goddess worshiped. Even to this day, people will leave food for the idol, bring it flowers, and all kinds of activities thinkable only for real, live creative powers.


So, then, what are these?  The answer is simple: These are small blocks of wood, silver or gold, with God’s Holy Name YHWH spelled on them, using the original Hebrew letters, Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh, spelled vertically; it is a shape of a human being.


The fact that this is news to anyone, the fact that there is anyone left to share this with, is the real tragedy.


Thus, we have spelled Yhwh’s Name as we are convinced He did, “top to bottom,” as a pictogram of a human being.  In short:


You are God’s Name


With all the things that Names mean, and why this has been so hidden….but that is what this many-page website is all about.


So, in conclusion to this short summary, if you find the need in yourself to worship God’s Name written on a bit of wood or metal, then you really should avoid them.  For the rest of us this is lovely jewelry, that can start all kinds of wonderful  discussions…..Just like this one.





2. So exactly HOW do you pronounce God’s Name?


Many people spend precious time discussing (one could say “arguing”) about the exact original pronunciation of God’s Name, and with it exactly the pronunciation we should use. Some of the discussions become quite heated.  You can even find entire websites and books written to justify one particular articulation. And some claim to know absolutely / positively, beyond doubt, the exact pronunciation, essentially what Moses heard from the Burning Bush.


I take a different approach. I think you should use whatever pronunciation you are comfortable with. You see, we are not trying to find a magic spell where, with just exactly one very precise pronunciation, the hidden door opens(!) No, no.


Friends, these four truths are the simplest way I know to deal with all of this:


First, God hears with the inner heart. God does not need for you to find the correct vibration of your lips and throat in order to be willing to listen to you.


Second, the Sacred 4 –Letter Name of Divinity in the Bible is YHWH of YHVH (see below) which come from the Hebrew Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh, which comes from…(this is precisely what our documents are about; there is no point in reprinting it all here.) Be sure to read God is Not God’s Name.  About THAT Name, in Exodus Yhwh says it is His memorial Name for all generations.


Third, except for the barest traces of remnant, almost all the beauty and glory of Yhwh’s Name has been removed from the Bible.


Fourth, The Name is here, and should be in the Bible, not as a test if we can find the right vocalization, but as an incredible gift from God, by which we can know Him!!! What the Name means is significant, and if we had kept the Name foremost in our Bibles, as it was meant to be, then I am convinced the human race would be much farther along then it is.





3. If how we pronounce the Name does not matter, then why do we care at all?  There seems to be a whole lot of writing here about something that does not matter.  I am so confused.


I am sorry for that confusion, and I will try to explain with a little story.


Martha Minekel was a grandma. But her beautiful grandchild (let’s call her Sally) could pronounce neither “grandma” nor “Martha”, so somehow the tradition developed that Sally called grandma “Dano.” Martha even signed her name on birthday cards “Dano.” It simply did not matter what Sally called her.  When Sally fell down and screamed, Dano knew it was Sally, even though Sally could only cry, and not say anyone’s name.  That’s because Dano knew her grandkid’s voice and heart; she listened with the inner ear, and it did not matter, at all, for Martha, what Sally called her.


One day Sally got a notice that Dano had passed away, and she needed to go to the bank because Dano had a box with over $1,000,000.00 in it, and it now belonged to Sally!  So, Sally went to the bank to receive her inheritance; the bank manager said, “Certainly I will be happy to look into that for you.  All I need is your ID, and the name of the deceased.


Sally handed the manager her ID, and told the manager the deceased party’s name was Dano.


The manager responded that there were no accounts under that name Dano.  Never had been.


And Sally never did receive her million dollar inheritance.


You see, Grandma knew basically everything about Sally; that’s just how these things are. But Sally really knew very little about her Grandma, her inheritance, or how truly amazing their relationship really was. If Sally had known “Dano’s” real name, then great riches and glory would have been hers.  But no. Martha’s name had been removed by the family from many important documents.




And though it pains me to draw things too obviously, here goes:


Martha Minekel represents God, and “Martha Minekel” represents God’s Name.


“Dano” represents what everyone calls the Divine. For some it’s “God”, for some it is “Jesus,” and for some it is just “Uggh.” It did not matter to “Dano” (aka the Divine) because Dano always hears her children cry with the inner ear, not the “outer” (physical) ear.


Sally represents all of us, completely, utterly ignorant of the amazing riches and blessings available to us, if only we knew God’s Real Name.  But no, it is almost impossible these days, because the many Bible translators who have chosen to remove “Yhwh” from the Bible, have made knowing His Name almost impossible.