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Daniel Bloxsom, my Rabbi and Friend

(Sorry, but this is a scan of a picture on computer paper...It is the best I have.)

Every person we meet changes us in some way.  Yet, for almost all of us, there are a handful of people who become the key players in our lives.  Parents, spouses, children, of course.

For me, Dan Bloxsom was, and will always be for this life, the #1 most important non-family member of my life.

He shared Yhwh's Name with me.  He took a somewhat lost Born Again Christian in 1977 (me) and gave him guidance, purpose and direction.  Without Dan I cannot imagine where I would be, nor who I would be.

I last talked to him in November 2008, just to let him know I loved him.  He said that he had "kicked cancer," and that all was well.  He evidently did not want me to worry, or to admit he had a problem.  Regrettably, he "shuffled-off the mortal coil" in late November 2008.

This entire website, and much of my life, is dedicated to Dan, his memory and mission. 

I will share with you these three sound clips.  They are the best way I have of giving you a sense of what Dan's guidance was really like.

February 11, 1990: Dan comments on my God is Not God's Name document, and points me in the direction of Ahyh Asr Ahyh

Part 1 

Part 2

April 16, 1991: Dan gives me guidance on how to proceed with the ministry.


"Nobody knows where you are, how near or how far...Shine on, you crazy diamond..." (Pink Floyd)

I miss you, Dan.....

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