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Toward a Calculus of God

Psalm 19: "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the earth shows His handiwork."

Simply stated, if the Psalm is literally correct, then every scientific fact, every mathematical equation, is an allegory that says something about God.

Based upon all of our research, this is factually true.

We present here just a few examples......Perhaps someday the book will be written.......but for now these will have to suffice, pointing you toward your own investigations.

If any of this is foreign to you, take it as a gentle sign that you do, indeed, have more to learn.

1) "For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction" is the same thing as "As you give, so shall you be given."

2) "I AM" is the derivative of God.  "I WILL BE" is the integral of God.

3) E=MC2

Einstein's famous equation means "Energy=Mass times the Speed of Light squared."

Divide both sides by M: E/M=C2

God is Light, so we will substitute "C" for "The Speed of God".

And, of course, God's Name is YHWH.

Our equation now reads E/M=The speed of YHWH2

Take the square root of each side...........You find that     

The Square Root of (Energy divided by Mass) = The Speed of YHWH.


There's a lot to meditate on here.  A LOT.  Why the square root?  The speed of light being absolute.....Time being relative to Light.....The relationship between energy & mass........It's at least a 200 page book........

We will leave this exercise to the reader.

4) "Mass Times Acceleration = Force" is the same as "I + Will = Being".

5) The Mandelbrot Set is a map of the chaotic border between Infinity and Nothingness.

You get the idea...............


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