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About Chanting YHWH's Name 

Out of the hundreds of pages on this website, the following paragraph has been "voted" (via the emails we have received) as the #1 most scandalous and controversial.  It is contained in "God is Not God's Name", toward the end, in the "Four Practical Meditations" section.

"Sit down and say out loud or to yourself "Yod-He-Vav-He" 100 times in the morning and 100 times at night. Every month, add 100 times. This is not meaningless repetition - it is the most meaningful. And you are not doing it to be heard. You are doing it so that you can hear. As you call upon the name of YHWH, think about its significance to you. Over the course of a few months you will find the heavens opening and that the name YHWH is indeed full of all power and revelation."

The summarized email we get is along these lines: 

"This is wrong.  Jesus commands us to NOT use meaningless repetitions.  And if God is real, then we don't need to so this repeating stuff.  I just don't understand why this is here."

Here's our answer.

Let's start with a modern American example.....The football fan follows his team during the off-season.....buys the posters.....reads all the newspapers....buys the ticket to opening day....and stands there FOR HOURS, SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS: <<<DEEE-FENCE, DEEE-FENCE>>>.  And nobody pays any attention or thinks it odd. 

And yet, Dear Reader, you would not BELIEVE (maybe you would) the "hate-mail" we get about the notion that we could benefit from chanting YHWH's Name(!!!!)

Now, what is going on here with Mr. or Mrs. Football fan? Simply put, the Fan is BATHING his/her consciousness in football. They are, quite literally, SWIMMING in an ocean of football.

And, within that context, we actually know quite a lot about the physiology / psychology link between SPEECH and THOUGHT.....Those people in the football stands <<ACTUALLY, REALLY>> think that if they chant (!) (aka "root", which is the secular term) hard enough, they can effect the outcome of a play or they game or the season.

Now (are you ready?) here comes the fun part.......According to DECADES of data, where this experiment has been performed MILLIONS of times in sporting events across the globe, it has been proven STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT THAT THE FAN IS RIGHT!!!!!!!! Chanting for the home team WORKS.....Having many people work together, focusing their consciousness, "chanting" for victory, is a contributing factor to making it happen. The home teams win WELL above a statistical average of 50%....Yes, there are many factors, but the "home crowd" is consistently credited with playing a major role.

Like I said, I should probably write a book (or 20 of them....anyone know a good transcriptionist?!?).....The examples are legion where a chant / mantra / confession, which is a FOCUSING of the mind & soul, actually works.

Now, when it comes to YHWH, what's really going on?

1) God always hears you....I am sorry, Dear Reader, that sometimes it does not seem that way, but it is true.  It's just that His timeframe is so different than ours.
2) So we are not chanting to be heard, but to HEAR God.
3) What I mean is that, like the football fan, as you chant you are removing all other thoughts and "bathing" your consciousness / soul with ONLY GOD. That really is very powerful...People should do it more often!

I mean, look at the art world....Forget about, for a moment, the whole financial / investment side of it.....Why, WHY does someone put something on their wall to stare at for YEARS??!?!? Well, in "pre-industrialized" countries, such a thing is called a "Yantra", a visual chant or meditation. Here's how it works:

(WARNING!  Terms that were invented thousands of years ago, in India, are about to be used.  We do this not to be cultic or scandalous, but simply because these ideas have not been nearly as well developed in the West.  However, all of these ideas have Biblical counterparts.)

The MANTRA is the VOCAL representation of the idea (chant / word / name)
The YANTRA is the VISUAL representation (drawing, painting, even a simple line drawing) of the idea, and
The TANTRA is the LIVING representation (actions, deeds) of the idea.

Things work best when the Mantra, Yantra and Tantra are focused and united.  

Another simple example. I know a couple in their late 50s...Simple, honest, hard-working blue collar (he's a butcher, she's a grocery checker) folks. Their life's dream is (and has been for years) to visit Australia. Of course, with limited means, they can't just buy a travel package. So, what have they been doing?

Mantra: "Australia in 2005" posted on their fridge......They talk about the trip between themselves, with friends, confess to one another "We're going to do it, honey!"
Yantra: The pictures, travel brochures, videos from "down under".....I could go on & on.
Tantra: The monthly savings plan....the approaching retirement....the deposit on the package deal

Now, there's nothing particularly odd about any of this......It's just normal stuff and how people live & reach for goals. The only thing that starts to look odd is when we talk about such things in the domain of religion!

And notice how wonderfully YHWH has placed His Name into this 3-fold context:

The Mantra is the chanting of the Name, 

the Yantra is the pictogram of the human being YHWH spells vertically (not to mention the mind-blowing fact that, properly understood, every human being is a living YANTRA of YHWH(!!)) 

And the Tantra is the loving, devout religious life.  

Again, these are Jewish / Christian ideas, but we haven't defined the terms as clearly as the Hindus have.  Sorry if this offends you.

So.........anyway........"Just" chanting God's Name, in and of itself, will probably do very little.....We are not talking about a "magic incantation" here.....BUT, in the presence of a focused mind, where you clear your head and heart of EVERYTHING (money, problems, health, sex, work, politics, I mean EVERYTHING) except your loving heavenly Father / Mother and your relationship, done in the context of a life that is trying in all ways to "get in tune" with God, chanting can and WILL prove to be an incredibly powerful tool.

A tool.  Another very powerful idea we will talk about tomorrow....So often religion in America (the area I know the most about) centers on arguing about ideas that can neither be proved or disproved, only argued about, instead of equipping the faithful with tools to be used.

And the bit about "100 times every morning and evening" is just a recommendation.  It is, and has proven to be, a very easy / convenient / powerful method, but it is only that.  Official notice from our legal department:

"The Church of Yahweh wishes to state categorically that there is absolutely no magic power or formula stated or implied here, either in the practice or theory of meditating on or chanting YHWH's Name.  Neither is there any implied or stated magic to the number 100.  Tax, license and dealer prep extra.  Thank you."

There....Feel better?

2 final comments.

About the history of Chanting.  In the West, this tradition is referred to as "Calling on the Name of The Lord", or, more properly (if or Bible translators cared enough about God to actually use His Name), "Calling upon the Name of YHWH."  We will not give you the Chapter:Verses (you can find them easily enough if you really care), but the Bible is full of references to the Saints and Patriarchs of old "Calling on the Name of the Lord."  This practice (which is, in fact, still carried on today) consists in sitting quietly, focusing on YHWH, and slowly (or quickly) silently (or out loud) repeating His Name.  The historical fact is that this has been done by Jewish, Christian and Moslem devotees for centuries....And still done today by the football fan and his millions of secular counterparts....So we are not inventing something new or injecting Eastern mysticism into the "purity" of Western Dogma.  We are only reviving it, and attempting to transform the omnipresent secular practices of our society into something a bit more elevated.

Finally, as to Jesus' exact quote "prohibiting" chanting.  It can be found in Matthew 6:7:

"And when you are praying, do not use meaningless repetition as the Gentiles do, for they suppose that they will be heard for their many words."

Of course, He is right.  We shouldn't do that.  However, Chanting YHWH's Name has NOTHING TO DO with this prohibition:

  1. The repetition is not "meaningless."  YHWH's Name is the most meaningful Word known to us.  Only the Churches and Bible translators consider it meaningless.  Sorry to be so direct, but this is a fact.
  2. We know that YHWH (as I said before) always hears us....Again, (and I hope this is not meaningless repetition), we chant not to be heard but to hear.
  3. There are not many words....There is only One: YHWH.
  4. And there is no "supposing" about it....We know the power of YHWH's Name for a fact.

That's the best (short) answer I can give you.

Love and peace, Ahyh


LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!! I am by profession a licensed massage therapist who was Scripturally trained by Jehovah's Witnesses. Disillusioned. But thankful for valuable Bible knowledge. One day as I was finishing up a treatment the thought occurred to me that I might find an interesting site using the Divine YHWH, and voila there you were! Divine providence at work. 
I have since sent it to my poor ol born again brother hoping it will help him find some balance. I love your humor and good sense, I've omitted the word common for obvious reasons. I would love to hear from you 1 on 1 if at all possible, I know you're a busy guy. Just want to share one thing for now. Since I have learned to put my affairs in YHWH's hands my life is a breeze. Chanting THE name is a common ritual while driving, it really works! I find myself singing it to various off-key tunes and some that are even right on-key as well.  I do love my maker and his creation and one of the things I hope I will see in my lifetime is the fulfillment of Rev 18:11. May YHWH continue to bless and keep you on the web. ALOHA Diana

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