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The Divine Name as the Key to Political Understanding

Thought for your day #17, Tues 9/12/00.

I confess I find this topic very exciting.  It is so integrating, connecting religion, philosophy, and the social order into one cohesive whole.

And it is actually very simple.

Here is a word:

That word means many things:

Now you either accept that, or frankly I cannot understand why you are reading this.  I cannot prove it to you.  It is a spiritual "axiom", something which can neither be proven or disproved, only accepted or rejected.  From Webster's New World Dictionary:

Axiom: Logic, Math. a statement or proposition that needs no proof because its truth is obvious, or one that is accepted as true without proof.  "Euclid's axiom that things equal to the same thing are equal to each other"

is our axiom.  But once an axiom is accepted, certain definite, scientifically valid results can be derived from it.  This is the basis of our entire system of knowledge.  And for me, 

All of politics and knowledge of the entire social order follow perfectly and logically from the "axiom of YHWH's Name."

Granted the Word / Name and its value and power, what do we find?

  1. You are God's Name - you represent (re-present) Him to the world.

  2. As such, you share the divine attribute (character) of Will....You have Free Will....That's what "I Will Be What I Will Be", as it resides in your soul, means.

  3. Freedom of choice, then, is your Divine Birthright.  It is built into the essence of the universe and is the essence of your relationship with YHWH.

We then have the First Guiding Principal:

Being a child of YHWH, endowed with free Will, you have the right to do anything and everything you want.

Since everyone, yes every single person on this planet (and others?!?) is a Child of The Father, every single person shares in this Divine Birthright, and therefore (quite simply and logically) the First Guiding Principal applies equally to all people!

We then have the Second Guiding Principal:

Since every person is a child of YHWH, every person has the right to do anything and everything they want.

Putting the First and Second Principals together, we have what is called The Natural Law:

You have the absolute, Divine Right to do whatever you want to do, as long as it does not interfere with anyone else's right to do what they want to do.

That, my friends, is the proper and correct basis of civil interactions.  Following clearly on its heals, then, is what I call The Divine Charter for Civil Government:

The only valid functions of government are to uphold, protect, and deal with violations of the Natural Law.

All the debates on morality, law, business ethics, and government, boil down to one question: 

How well does this human activity embody the Natural Law?

Of course many more words could be used.  But for me, as a student of religion and especially The Name, it is all really that simple.  

Yes.  I will state it again.  It IS really that simple.  So-called learned men will write endless books and Supreme Court Decisions, accomplishing with their many words only the obscuring of the simple truth.

There are two competing ideas in this world: Freedom and Equality.

When everyone is free, no one will be equal.

The only way to make everyone equal is to remove all freedom.

That, dear friends, is just the way the universe works.

As to the whole question of equity and "fairness", again the issue is quite simple:

YHWH seeks people with open, loving hearts, who are Willing to share from their abundance (financial, emotional, aesthetic, health) with those who have a lack.  But He seeks children who do this voluntarily out of love, not at the point of a gun through fear, coercion or taxation.  And those who do not wish to be loving are to be left alone, as long as they do not interfere with anyone else's Divine Birthright.  Those who do interfere with another's Divine Birthright, be they individual, groups or corporations, are in violation of the Natural Law.  And government's true role is to punish those who violate the Natural Law.

Eventually we can (could?  will?) arrive at the Promised Land, Heaven on Earth (it has many names), where

Every person is totally free, and living in perfect love with those around them.

But creating endless governments that seek (one way or the other) to force people into acting decently will not work.

We have thousands of years of recorded history to prove it.

Next...Some Practical Considerations.

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