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How to Know God's Will

This is one of those good news, bad news situations.

The good news is that, based upon years of living and countless people spoken with, I am convinced I really can answer this question.  The bad news is, you probably will not like the answer.

First, a disclaimer.  YHWH is not your answer-boy.  He does not seek to solve your every problem.  Life has lessons we all must learn, exactly like a student in 5th grade.  And the 5th grade teacher is present to help, to guide, to give hints....But that teacher (parents, fellow students, whomever) does the student a disservice by solving the problems for the student.  

Life's lessons must be internalized in order to become a part of our soul, or else they remain external agents and ultimately useless.  

God does not tempt or test us, but does provide us with the situations we need in order to be able to learn and grow.

But often in life we are faced with decisions that must be made, with no clearly obvious answer.  How, ultimately, do we decide what is right?  Put within the religious context, What does God want?  My answer is, 

Within the totality of all information you have, whatever you think God's will is, for you, at that time and place, that IS God's will.

Put another way, 

Whatever you conceive to be (in deepest, absolute honesty) the highest, best, most perfectly loving thing to do IS, for you, at that time and place, God's will.

The first key here is data.  Do you have all the facts?  What does the Bible say?  What have the Saints of old done in similar circumstances?  What do (if you have any) your wise counselors and friends say?

The second key here is honesty.  Certainly you can rationalize or make excuses, claiming that such-and-such is God's will when, in reality, you know in your heart-of-hearts this is not true.  And if you really think you will better yourself or your life by lying to yourself like that, well, I cannot stop you.  But you are wrong.  And deep inside, you know it.  So knock it off!!!

But that, usually, is not the real problem.  Much more often I find people who know what God wants, but refuse to do it.  

"If I was a perfect person, living as an anointed Son or Daughter of YHWH, then I would be doing XYZ, but I don't want to do that."

The only way to know God's will is to follow His leading, whatever you know it to be.  And the greater your data, and the greater your honesty, the greater your "chances" of being objectively right.  Failure to do so means that you are already living, inside your own head, as less-than-the-best-you-could-really-be.  And that is sad.  And if you continue to live that way, God is in a real bind.  He has already placed on your heart or in your head His "Word" for your life.  You are ignoring it.  So, He can violate your free will with some type of flashy display (like the flaming Angel at the foot of the bed), or continue sadly to watch as you deliberately cause yourself pain.  And the Angels are quite busy these days.

What's a loving Father to do?

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