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Opening Prayer 

Oh, my Dearest Yhwh, Creator of All

    Hear my prayer.


I have written so much,

    Tried so hard,

        Been changed, saved, died, resurrected and ascended

            Even shown so much


So many have written to say they have been touched,



            Fellow Travelers on The Great Journey.


But the world is growing ever darker,

    As war rages and hearts grow cold.

        There is so much ignorance,

            So much pain,

                So much more to do.


I simply pray, Yhwh, 

    That You guide me and show me

        What to do, 

            Where to go,

                What to say,

                    Even What to Write,

That I might make the greatest impact, to

    Help this world, and

        Your people.


And just a touch of your Infinite strength,

    Empowering me for the tasks at hand,

        Would be most appreciated.


I ask not so much that You take the problems away,

    Though that would be glorious,

        Rather that You strengthen me with Your Wisdom

            that I might know the best ways to truly make a difference.   


In Your Holy and Infinite Name I pray,



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