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The Truth About Tarot Cards

These are the main chapters. All told, this is 160 pages long.

According to Baptist Minister Bullinger’s The Witness of the Stars, the signs of the Zodiac actually describe God’s pathway of salvation through Christ; astrology profanes this Holy Revelation.

In exactly the same way, the central thesis of The Truth About Tarot Cards is that the imagery of the Tarot shows the Story of the Entire Universe, from God’s Creation, through the Fall and ultimate Redemption of all Mankind.  Fortune telling is a sad misuse of a marvelous gift.

The Truth About Tarot Cards describes, in great detail, the beautiful spiritual and Biblical truths shown in the 22 Major Cards, also called Trumps.

Below you will find a very brief description of each of the cards.



TRUMP 0 - THE FOOL  This is God before He created the world.  Infinite, unrealized potential.

TRUMP 1 - THE MAGICIAN  This is the first moment of Creation – God the Father, Seed giver, the active creative agent.

TRUMP 2 - THE HIGH PRIESTESS  God the Mother – She who gives form to the seed of the Father, the passive creative agent.

TRUMP 3 - THE EMPRESS  Mother Nature – The marriage of God the Father and God the Mother

TRUMP 4 - THE EMPEROR  The Laws of Nature.  Creation works according to logic, order, and law.  That is symbolized here.

TRUMP 5 - THE HIEROPHANT  God’s omnipresent work of Grace.  Creation, nature, revelation, are all extensions of God’s loving grace.

TRUMP 6 - THE LOVERS  Symbolizes the creation of Adam & Eve, and their fall from grace by eating the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil.

TRUMP 7 - THE CHARIOT  The cards begin to show the various stages of Salvation & Redemption.  God’s intervening plan, bring the Good News, ready to carry Adam & Eve (and us) where we cannot go on our own.

TRUMP 8 - STRENGTH  The plan of salvation, real strength & inner power, are not human – they are Divine gifts

TRUMP 9 - THE HERMIT  It is OK to be alone.  True religion is what we all must do in the quite of our own hearts, one-on-one with God.  We internalize and live the Word, not just hear or believe it.

TRUMP 10 - THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE  The Wheel of Fortune encompasses all cycles of manifestation and expresses the notion that no matter what occurs within the physical creation, it is all (1) a part of the divine plan, and (2) a part of the divine revelation.  In other words, the Wheel of Fortune card says there is no such thing as chance. 

TRUMP 11 - JUSTICE  God’s Law lives in our hearts.  We are moral because it is right and who we are.  And the only basis of Law is Love.

TRUMP 12 - THE HANGED MAN  “If anyone comes after me, let them deny themselves, take up their cross and follow me.”  This symbolizes Jesus’ crucifixion, and our death to ourselves.

TRUMP 13 - DEATH  The Final enemy to be overcome is Death.  The loss of the body is, for the redeemed, no loss at all.

TRUMP 14 - TEMPERANCE  The great, unsung hero: Balance.  Law & Gospel, work & rest, eating and exercise.

TRUMP 15 - THE DEVIL  Jesus was tempted of the Devil, and so will we all.  These temptations happen as we follow the path beyond redemption to perfected sanctification.

TRUMP 16 - THE TOWER  The Tower of Babel.  God is the only eternal truth.  All of our other, smaller, human thoughts must crumble.

TRUMP 17 - THE STAR  The Spirit of God, the Mind of Christ that lives in us, begins to guide our every step. 

TRUMP 18 - THE MOON  The Ego of man is the great pretender, dead and dark, just like the moon: While it appears as the brightest light in the sky, the moon is only dead dust, reflecting the real light from the Sun.  So too our egos appear to shine so bright, yet only reflect the one true light, God.

TRUMP 19 - THE SUN  The spirit that begins in #17, The Star, now rules our entire lives.  “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.”  We are perfected, fully sanctified beings.

TRUMP 20 - JUDGMENT  The pathway of salvation doesn’t happen to you or me; All people are called to salvation.  Unto mankind is appointed to live once, and after this comes judgment.

TRUMP 21 - THE UNIVERSE  The Great Wedding of the King.  Each person, fully sanctified, united into the Body of Christ.  God’s glorious plan of the universe is complete…..Or has it only begun?

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