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The Revealing Science of God 2000 The Church of Yahweh

PART 4: "WHO?"

Who is God? In the previous section we spent a fair amount of time attempting to establish some reasonable grounds for the statement that God is the creator. And in a fairly rationalistic formula how we can make sense of that and justify it.

Now, who is this God? Is it a who or a what? If God is the creator then this much is absolutely certain, that God's nature and attributes can be seen and understood through the creation. This is a very Biblical principal that the heavens declare the glory of God and the Earth shows his handiwork. It is the essence of the Secret Way of Judaism, the Kabbalah.

Everything we see explains to us some aspect of God. This is a very familiar concept and we need not dwell on it a length. Just as every word in this writing somehow reflects something about me, so too every single thing in the universe says something about God. That being the case, one thing we can say is that God is at least a person. That is a very important phrase. God is at the very least a person. Why?

Well, certainly a creator cannot make something greater then himself. Even the most lofty invention of the human race, be it a symphony or a war machine or a nuclear reactor is a subset of the mind and or minds which created it. Therefore, since no thing can create something greater than itself, since God has created persons God is in the very least a person.

Individual people and individual organisms have many attributes. They have a self will, they have a consciousness, they have desires and they have, of course, on this plane at least some physical attributes. Therefore God must contain mind, consciousness. God must contain desire. God must contain animation. And God must contain material.

That is why we say that God is at very least a person. In the world's religions there are three primary views of God. An impersonal force, a person without attributes and a person with attributes. The impersonal force is the primary view especially of the Buddhists, where God is not seen as an active involved creative agent so much as the ground of being. And while it is certainly true that God is the ground of being, it cannot be true that God does not have personality, because the personalities which we see must be a subset of God.

Can God Be Known?

At the same time to say that God is a person but without attributes is often a statement not so much about God but about our inability to know him. Many people say that regardless of what the universe is, regardless of what God is we cannot know, we are too small. Certainly in some respects this is true. My creation cannot comprehend everything about me. Because my creation is just a very tiny subset of all of my powers and abilities. Therefore certainly no writing could ever understand it's author. No symphony can ever understand it's composer. No bridge can ever understand it's builder.

So on the one hand the position of the agnostics is very reasonable that we cannot know all there is to know about God. However, we as animate beings with thought are capable of having the totality of our minds expanded to the point that with all of our ability we do comprehend God. That is not to say that we will understand everything there is to know about God. But we will understand everything we can about God.

Now this gets us slightly off the subject. But one of the divine mysteries as to who this God is, is a creator who has placed within his creation the ability to fully comprehend him. This is a very Biblical idea. And this idea exists in many other religions. The notion that at some point we will come to a complete total knowledge of God. The Bible says that right now we understand dimly, but eventually we will see God face to face. Now we know only in part that eventually we will know everything fully and completely about God even as we have been full and completely known.

The divine mystery is that we as creation will eventually understand as much about God as God understands about us. This is a very big clue as to who God is and how we relate to him.

How are we to know this? How is this going to happen? If we as God's creation are to know anything about him, how is it possible? Well, the only way the bridge could understand the bridge builder is if the bridge builder was able to actually put some of his own mind into the bridge. So that the bridge could think the bridge builders thoughts.

If the bridge builder could do that then the bridge could eventually learn everything that there is to know about the bridge builder. Having the bridge builder's brain the bridge would then eventually come to recognize what the bridge builder obviously has known from the beginning.

Astounding as it is we are told clearly not only in Christianity but also in Islam, also in Hinduism, that we have been given God's brain. That as a part of his creation we have his brain. In this respect, then, the notion of human beings as they relate to God is not so much on the order of creator and creation but of a much higher much more powerful relationship. That is God as father and mother.

You see, God has created the heavens and the Earth. The rocks and the waterfalls and the super novas and the black holes. But as it comes to the human race, while we are in part creation, we also have a different relationship. That relationship of children. We are God's children.

In terms of who we are and who God is, this notion of children is a very important idea. It means that in exactly the same way that you can understand the creation as an expression of the creator, much more so, much more so! You can see the children as inheriting genetically the personalities of their parents.

God's Sex

Now I have to address the issue right now of God's sex. You see, in the Western world we always talk about God the Father. We are incredibly nervous about talking about God the Mother. This is unfortunate. One thing that we see in the world is that the vast majority of organisms reproduce sexually, with a male and a female counterpart. It is completely irrational and very sad to talk about God the Father and never mention God the Mother.

We talk about Father God and Mother Earth, and while there is valuable symbolism there, certainly there must be a spiritual non-material counterpart to God the Father.

So when we talk about God as "He" or God as "She", we must understand the divine unfolding of this one principal. God as Father and Mother have begotten children. So who God is is both the male spirit side and the female form giver side. And God as Father/Mother begets children.

In this document, following western convention, I most often use "He." This is more readable than "He/She" or "(S)He." This is a convention only. Nothing theological is to be taken by it.

The Procession of the Gods

This leads us to another primary theory regarding God as Father/Mother. This idea is know as the procession of the Gods. The theory comes from a very simple natural view. That is this: we call God Father, and indeed he is. He calls us children, and indeed we are. And we are told and taught and believe that eventually we will grow up to the fullness of God, which we will. This can only mean one thing, that eventually we will become Godlike. We will grow up to be gods and goddesses. And we will grow up to create our own universe, our own galaxies. Have our own starchildren. This view is surprisingly popular in today's world, it is held very devoutly by many, most especially the Mormons and Hindus.

And I will take position on this that may surprise some. My position is that the procession of the Gods may or may not be true. I can see a certain reasoning behind it, and I can see why some people would be drawn to that conclusion. But I do not take a definitive position on the procession of the Gods because it cannot, in the ultimate sense, matter!

Here is why. Let us assume for the moment, for argument's sake, that the procession of the Gods is the absolute total truth. Baby pine trees grow up to be adult pine trees and adult pine trees have new baby pine trees. Maybe God the Father is having his children, and those children will grow up to be God and have more heavenly children.

If that is true, then what we are talking about is a whole stream of local gods. Sometimes they are referred to as galaxy gods or local order gods. But the important point is this, that the entire flow of processions of gods has to exist inside of something. Where did the first God come from? What is the mechanism within which all of these gods exist? What lies outside of them? What is the ground of being of all of these gods and goddesses? In other words, even if the procession of the gods is true it does not answer any questions of an ultimate nature. It explains more of the dance perhaps, but that is all. By the dance I mean all of those phantasmagoric events which happen in the lives of seekers for truth, happens within the created universe.

But where does it all come from? You see, we still haven't answered any questions! Postulating or proving or seeing the procession of the gods does not help us to answer any of the questions. It certainly does not help us answer the Really Big Question. Why was there ever a first God to have children with? It does not answer any of the smaller questions in terms of the ultimate ground of being.

So for me, any discussion or theory regarding the procession of the gods, while interesting, and certainly it could be amusing, is simply not the point. I seek not to know this local God as much as to comprehend and become reunited with the ultimate ground of being. The field, the first seed that came from wherever to create the first pine tree. The field that all grows in that has given birth to all of the billions of trees.

That is the field which I seek. That is the quest for God which I am on. Not for the local God, certainly not to denigrate such a creature. If such a being exists then I would do very well to pay attention to, worship and adore such an incredible creature.

But ultimately, if that creature is there, then that creature is nothing more nor less then the non-physical counterpart of my earthly father and mother. And while I certainly adore them, and could never properly thank them for the gifts which they gave me through my childhood, eventually I must stand up to become my own adult and decide what to do with my life. And perhaps I, if I am to become a local god, am going to grow up to the point where I do not seek anymore children. I'll pursue the religious life and want to find out what made me.

What does the local god worship? Where did he come from?

I hope this is clear, because it is a very key point.

The Self-Existent One

What this boils down to is discovering the anchor for ground zero, for all of the chains of dependencies. What do I mean by that?

The chain of dependencies seeks to establish that fundamental unchangeable foundation which is the root of all existence. Everything which we see, everything which we hear, everything which we know has dependencies. One upon the other.

A "self made man" depends upon a social order in order to have a job or money. He depends upon gravity to connect him to the Earth. He depends upon parents who gave him good genetics. He depends upon air to stay alive. He depends upon molecular cohesion to keep his body formed and solid. Remove any one of the hundreds of dependencies and this "self made man" simply ceases to exist.

So, where does it all come from? Where does it start? Who is God? What is it upon which everything else is dependent? What is it that is the source and origin of all, including, if it exists, the procession of the local gods?

Well, that being or substance must exist. This is a logical consistency in that we find that there is at least the appearance of existence in this world. Remember the really big question; How is it possible that anything at all ever exists what so ever?

God, being the source and origin of everything, we define as being self existent. I am not self existent, the United States of America is not self existent, this Earth is not self existent. Because without these different dependencies even the Earth would cease to exist.

If anything exists at all there must be one primal source and origin which is outside of all dependencies. This is what philosophers have called the first mover, the unmoved mover, ground zero, the causeless cause.

And as such we can know, logically, certain things about this being.

God has simply always existed.

This is completely incomprehensible to us as mortals. Because everything that we have ever or will ever encounter has a beginning, has a middle and has an end. Even if that extends beyond our time frame we know that at one point those mountains were not there. And at one point in the future they will not be there again.

So to say that God has always been there means that he is self existent, without any source at all. Without any origin at all. Without any dependencies what so ever. Without any antecedent. Without any history and without any cause. Completely, utterly and totally self existent.

In the beginning God, from the beginning. What was before then? There was no before. So how did he get here? Where did he/she come from? These are the wrong questions to ask, because he/she has always been here.

Let me give you an example.............

So the night clerk gives the bellboy 5 one dollar bills. Tells him to give them back to the men. The bellboy does not know what to do with $5 divided among the three men.

So he gives each of them $1 back and puts $2 in his pocket. We then see that since each man paid $10 and got $1 back, each man paid $9. The bellboy still has $2 in his pocket. 9 X 3 is 27, plus the bellboy's $2 is 29. What happened to the extra dollar?

Well this is a wonderful example of a very entertaining dinner party question. But the reason I bring it up is to illustrate that sometimes the question is wrong. There is simply no way to answers what happened to the extra dollar. There is no extra dollar. What happened to the $30? The hotel has $25, the men each have $1, the bellboy has $2. That is the right question. Sometimes we can ask questions which simply do not have any connection to reality.

It is beyond our comprehension to understand how anything or anyone can be eternal and self existent. Without cause and without origin, and therefore having always existed. But this much we can say, that based upon the notion that God is creator, and understanding as we do that we are talking about more than the simple procession of the gods and are looking for the actual rubric of existence itself, then, if indeed anything exists at all there must be a final ground from which everything has come. And that being, by very definition, must be self existent.

The Mathematical Equation for God

We are actually given a formula that enables us to understand this being and understand what is necessary and sufficient for the creation of the universe. The terms necessary and sufficient are very important precise mathematical terms.

Something is necessary if it must be true in order for certain conditions to be met.

Something is sufficient if in and of itself it defines the structure.

Let me give you an example: A circle is a familiar object to everyone. One property that it is necessary for a circle to have is that it is an enclosed space. And while that is necessary it is not sufficient. Because, a square is also an enclosed space.

What is sufficient to define a circle is the definition of the collection of all points equidistant from a center within a plane. That is sufficient.

Now, as it comes to this self existent being, there are many things that we can say that would be necessary for it. It must have no source, no origin, no dependencies, etc.

But we're interested in much more then that. We want to know who God is. We want to know how we relate to him. We are pursuing The Revealing Science of God. Therefore it is not enough for us to merely discuss God's necessities. But what we are actually looking for is His sufficiency. 

What is the sufficient condition for the self existent being to be able to generate a universe?

And we actually have that formula. That formula is:


That formula is what is necessary and sufficient for God to be able to generate the universe. What do I mean by that?

A rock could have, theoretically, for arguments sake, been the ground of all being. And this great grand and glorious rock floating out in the middle of space could have been all that there ever was. And it could theoretically have been there forever and just been there.

However that would not be able to generate this universe. It's missing two things.

1) "I" hood. This self existent being must be a person. Not a person as we think of it, because our personhood is very limited in terms of time and space. But, a personhood which while it transcends time and is beyond the confines of space, is also able to become self directed. That's what it means to be the "I", and that's what it means to have a will.

2) Will, you see is one of the most unconsidered of facts of our lives. But, will is what shapes all we do and who we are. It is the exertion of your will that enables you to determine if you are going to react to something simply physically, on the basis of your feelings or on the basis of your intellect. Your will focuses all of your vehicles into action. Your will decides and defines who and what you are.

Therefore God, the ground of all being, has two attributes. And those two alone are sufficient for generating the universe.

Attribute #1 is self, "I". Because being self dependent God has no other dependencies. There is no not-I for God to interact with. There is this being and he lives on his own, he has no one to talk to and nothing to do. He is, self existent.

This is crucial. His "I" has one and only one attribute. That attribute is will. And notice that these are absolutes, this is the complete absolute self existent, self dependent "I". Within this "I" lays the potencies for all manifest creation. It does so as an absolute "I" being coupled with an absolute will. "I" plus will, the will to be able to shape, mold and form the "I" into whatever the "I" will be.

I will be. I will be whatever I will to be. I plus will equals existence.

Ladies and gentlemen this is the infinite, limitless formula that has generated the universe. And it is this formula which God has given to us as His Holy Name in the Bible. God's Name in the Bible is "I will be what I will be." This shows us an integration and a unity in The Revealing Science of God, that rings true with the type of consistency one looks for in the fields of science.

We have this one revelation in the Bible that God's Name is "I will be what I will be." We have the logical determination that a self existent being and "I", must only have one attribute in order to be able to generate a universe. And that is will.


And we see that this formula is the absolute rockbed foundation for the sum total of human psychology and human development. All of your tens of thousands of books on the human mind and the human psychology and child development. And family interactions and the recovering alcoholic. And all of the other thousands of topics we discuss as human beings all boils to one single thing.


You, in order to receive and maintain health as a human being, must reclaim your "I" hood. To recognize that you are both dependent and independent of those around you. That no one is responsible for you but yourself. And that no one can make decisions for you but yourself. This means that you must learn to exert your own will. You are the only one who can lose weight. You are the only who can make you happy. You are the only one who can find your life fulfilled.

And you can express this in a hundred thousand different ways. But it all boils down to the same thing, you will be what you will be. You will be what you will to be.

The 1) sum totality of your life, the 2) sum totality of the rubric of existence and 3) God's holy and infinite name by which he says he will reveal all of his attributes are all one complete whole. This is precisely what we mean by The Revealing Science of God.

As we said in our introduction, nature works in principles which extend beyond boundaries. And what you look for are mathematical relationships which transcend their individual manifestation. Force = Mass X Acceleration (F=MA) is a scientific mathematical principal that exists in uncountable billions of specific applications.

We have here the formula for the entire universe. And that universal formula exists in all dimensions, I plus will equals existence. 

  • This is God's name, this is the generational sufficiency for the entire manifest universe. 
  • It is the sum total of your human existence. 
  • And it is the reflection of all human interactions. We have this world the way it is because we want it this way. If we willed to do so we could eliminate war, we could eliminate all hunger, we could eliminate all pain and suffering.

The collective "I" of the social order manifests it's collective will to create this world as it chooses. We collectively spend 2 million dollars (or is it up to 4?) every minute on maintaining our war instruments on this earth. If we took all of that energy and placed it into the creation of health and conquering diseases, and eliminating poverty and suffering, we could do so in years, not centuries. Perhaps even months.

So we have found the central principal. The Revealing Science of God is an explanation of this one formula.


One final note about this. It is very important that you notice the fractal nature of this revelation. "I" plus will equals existence, and that existence becomes your new "I". I will be what I will be what I will be what I will be.....

The "I" is placed into the will and the result is placed into the will and so forth. Your output of today becomes your input for tomorrow. What you eat today becomes your source of energy for tomorrow. Your "I" hood coupled with the decisions which you make as a manifestation of your will becomes your destiny. And in that destiny you then couple your situation with your divine will to create your new destiny.

This is how the universe works. That is who God is. "I" plus will equals being.

You can say, in shortest form, that the universe is a fractal equation of the formula

In+1 = In + WILL

I will be what I will be. In terms, then, of God the creator, in the beginning "I will be" created the heavens and the Earth.

If you want a marvelous exercise, get the Bible in computer form. And go through and teach your computer how to replace the word "God" with "I will be." Teach your computer how to replace "Lord" with "I will be." And teach your computer to replace "Lord God" with "I will be." Read the resulting translation of the Bible. You will be astounded at what you see.

In the beginning I WILL BE created the heavens and the Earth. And the spirit of I WILL BE was moving over the face of the waters. And I WILL BE said, "Let there be light." And there was light. Literally translated from the Hebrew, this is "And light HE BECAME." And I WILL BE saw that the light was good and I WILL BE separated the light from the darkness.

As it comes to the question of the creation, then, what do we have? We have the self existent being whose "I" hood is limitlessly coupled with his/her divine will to create existence. The nature of the creation then in terms of who this God is becomes the subject of our next section. What is this creation? We have seen the best we can see within my abilities to communicate and within the limitations of our language, who this being is. Now we will turn to the What? of this creation.


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