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The Proximity of God Consciousness

A Commentary on War


The Voices of Wisdom Through the Ages use very different words, but the Message is consistent:

"Work without attachment to the fruit of your labors."

"Whatsoever you do in thought, word or deed, do all to the glory of God."

"Write as though no one will ever read your material."

One must stay true, that is the essence.  Once something starts being observed, it often changes, and seldom for the better.  Create something just because of how you expect it to be received, and you have lost your soul.

So, here it is.

War on terrorism....war on crime....war on drugs...

This is The Church of Yahweh's Official Declaration of War on War.

This is Scripture.


The American war in Iraq has settled into the occupation.

I have been asked many times my "take" on the war.

I am publishing this because I have something to say.  Of the endless parade of TV, radio, newspaper, and internet commentary, I have never read, heard or seen anything from anyone that comes even close to what I have on my heart.

We so easily separate into "us & them," "for & against," "in & out."  Endlessly.  

Memorize this: The "right" is always wrong, and the "left" is never right.

Broad is the way that leads to destruction, and it need not advertise, for people voluntarily sell their souls to travel it.  The Real Way, the Way that leads to life, is always the thin, narrow, central path, which ultimately transcends both the "left" and the "right."

I will explain.


I gave this piece a "really important sounding title" because it IS very important.

It works in two ways:

    The Proximity of <God Consciousness>


    <The Proximity of God> Consciousness

The two are really one, and the only way out.


Should the US have worked longer with the UN before invading Iraq?

    I do not know, and I take no position.

Were the UN weapons inspectors doing a good job?

    I do not know, and I take no position.

Was Saddam Hussein involved in the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks?

    I do not know, and I take no position.

Did Iraq have Al Qaeda connections?

    I do not know, and I take no position.

Was Iraq manufacturing weapons of mass destruction?

    I do not know, and I take no position.

Was invading Iraq the only option available?

    I do not know, and I take no position.

For the cowards this will seem like the coward's way.   I disagree.  

Gullibility is one of humanity's most ingrained traits.  Tells us, we will die convinced.  Show us, and we will kill all who disagree.

We are all too quick to accept.

90% of all the earth's population have exactly the same religion.....Whatever mommy & daddy & culture tell you is true.

This fact alone causes the majority of our wars and problems.  We are RIGHT.  We are GOOD.  We have the TRUE RELIGION.  All the others are DISGUSTING FILTH.  They must be converted.  Or killed.  Either way they will spend the rest of a billion forevers in everlasting hell.  WE have the REAL Scripture.  THEIRS are phony, and evil lies. 

That, my friends, is your heritage.  Almost every person on the earth, in one form or another, holds this view.  Simply because that's what their parents have taught them.  That's how the System works, and sustains itself.

Why do the "Muslims" hate the "Christians"?  For exactly the same reasons the "Christians" hate the "Muslims."  THEY are not US.  And only the US (and those who side with US) is good.

The overwhelming majority of you, statistically, do not care to find things out for yourselves.

Put as simply as possible:

    Just because a government tells you something does not make it true.

    Just because a church tells you something does not make it true.

    Just because a media outlet tells you something does not make it true.

    Just because your parents tell you something does not make it true.

    Just because I tell you something does not make it true.

    Just because any XYZ tells you anything, does not make it true.

I could give you thousands of examples...one will have to do.  You know Abraham Lincoln, the 16th American president, the great "Liberator of the slaves," right?  Wrong. 

In August, 1862 Lincoln wrote a letter to Horace Greeley, an editor of the New York Tribune, who published an open letter insisting President Lincoln free the slaves immediately. In Lincoln's reply he wrote "If I could save the Union without freeing any slaves, I would do it..."

So, you see, the Great Emancipator really didn't give a damn about the slaves.  They were only a means to an end, pawns in the endless quest for power, which was Lincoln's real any only motivation.  

You can do the research yourselves.  Test & see if I'm telling the truth.

Healthy skepticism is necessary.

Question Authority.

Question Everything.

Think For Yourself.

Think Outside Your Boxes of Conditioning.



Everything that really matters boils down to this:

The fruition of the human race requires us to realize that 

    All War is Civil War.

Brother against brother.  Kin against kin.  

We are one race of homosapiens, with billions of different variations.


Who are you?

With what do you identify?

Who are "you?"

Your body?








As we go down the list we move to ever broader visions of self identity.

The higher the platform upon which you stand, the farther you can see.  The higher your consciousness, the more you can know.

The Bible invites us to God Consciousness.

The picture of the earth rising over the moon was supposed to elevate our consciousness to embrace one planet, with one human race, living in harmony with all of nature.

It didn't work.

But be not deceived.  All of the religions of the world teach us, in their high, pure, spiritual, exalted selves, that we are ONE people.

God so loved the WHOLE WORLD......

"For there is NO DIFFERENCE between Jew and Gentile - the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses ALL who call on Him...."  (Rom 10:12)

When you ask God to bless your particular country or group, you are limited.  Your consciousness is not as high or a wide as it can be.

As it should be.

As it needs to be...

    If we are to survive.


Look, it really is incredibly simple.   Almost all of the most complex issues really have profoundly simple solutions.

At the end of the day, what have we made?  

Bombs, or bread?

There are only so many resources.  We dig & grind & burn & mold & shape....

At the end of the day, what have we made?

The numbers are staggering.  The 2004 world-wide budget for military spending is $862,000,000,000, according to CDI.org, the Center for Defense Information.  That's $862 Billion.  The best way I can express how much that is, is....You would need $1,000,000 (one million dollars) in each of 862,000 (eight hundred and sixty-two thousand) banks to have that much money.

The human race presently spends over $1,640,000 every minute on its military. 

While approximately 45,000 still die of starvation & preventable disease every day. 

We, all of us, the industrialized world, are building & researching & grinding & making things all day long.  Tragically, at the end of that day, we are even better able to hunt, kill, destroy, shock and awe, while thousands die needlessly.

Mathematically, statistically, we have the energy & resources to eliminate all suffering on the planet.

What we lack is the moral will.


A lack of moral will, fed by an endless supply of colorful & interesting sand in which to hide our collective heads.

You know what I mean, so I'll skip the lengthy lecture....tv, sports, porno websites, off road vehicles....All of it designed to keep us consumers, and distracted from the holocaust happening next door.


It has to do with Consciousness.  

What are you aware of?

Your body?








As we go down the list we move to ever broader visions of consciousness.  Awareness.

The higher your platform, the more you know.

And the highest platform is God.


I'm not trying to kick anybody's butt here.  I'm really not.  Guilt in all of its manifestations seldom acts as a genuine agent for change, and what we need here is change.

Of the tens of thousands of people I have personally met over the years, I have met perhaps 2 who are actually evil.  "Evil, be thou my good" is a very, very rare creed.

The rest are just ignorant.  Not as in "stupid," just "unaware."

If those 45,000 people were rotting away next door to your house, then you would be aware of it in a tangible, visceral way.  And would be more prone to do something about it.

What I want you to know is that they ARE right next door.

Open your heart.

Be transformed by the glorious renewing of your mind.

Think as God Thinks.

They are closer to you than you presently know.

As you become aware of ever broader horizons, the places physically "far away" become very, very close.

The Proximity of <God Consciousness> means that EVERYTHING is a part of you.  In you.

"All Things Belong To You!"  (1 Cor 3:21)

God Consciousness brings all things together, in a One-ness.

One faith, one hope, one people.


Close, ever closer than we can begin to imagine.

We live in God, He lives in Us, and in the Cosmic Marriage promised in the Revelation the 2 shall become One.

<The Proximity of God> Consciousness.


Consciousness matters.

It's the only way to change things.

We must become aware of the problems, make them matter to us, for only in that way is there hope of change.


Remember, my friends, that all wars have been fought for exactly the same reason:

    The other guy is an asshole.

Usually that assholery exhibits itself in the other guy wanting something we already have.

    I have this river.  He wants it.  

    I have nuclear weapons.  He wants them.  

    I have bioterrorism weapons.  He is trying to make some.  

    I am good.  God loves me.  The other guy is an asshole.


All systems seek to preserve themselves, and expand themselves.  From the tiniest sub-atomic particle to the largest galaxy, from microbes to the largest human social structures, self preservation and expansion are built into the very essence of the universe.

So it is silly to fault a government for seeking to preserve itself, or expand its power.

That's the nature of these things.

Change cannot come from the government.

Government will always do what governments do.  Bless some, oppress others, in the eternal quest for preservation and expansion.  

Different governments grow, amassing technology, threatening its citizens, to create armies, wherein Might Always Makes Right.

Survival of the strongest.

To the victor go the spoils.

This is how our race's history has been shaped.

So we cannot blame the governments for their insanity.  And cannot look to them for transformation.

That's why Jesus never talked about government.


Commerce, the world of buying & selling, likewise will not help you.

In the end, its success is measured only in terms of money.

Nothing else.

Every corporate analysis & annual report cares about only one thing: The Bottom Line.  How much we made, how much we had to spend to get it, how much is left over, and what the next year looks like.

    How many employees are on drugs to get through the day?  Does not apply.

    How many employees families never see the breadwinner?  Does not apply.

    How many marriages were lost this year?  Does not apply.

    How many employees were hospitalized from stress?  Does not apply.

    How many lies were told this year to customers, suppliers and shareholders?  Does not apply.  Unless someone got caught.

    How many pre-industrialized people were oppressed, or had their way of life destroyed for the Company?  Does not apply.

The System of commerce, then, only wants to make sure that you continue to consume.

It has no other tools.  No other metrics.  No soul.


Which brings us to the heart of the matter.

If we need change (and we do), and

government and commerce cannot help (and they cannot),

Where then is hope?


Without a vision the people perish.

A lot of what I do in this ministry is try to give people a vision of what is possible.

Life without debt.

Peace integrated with ourselves, God, nature.

Holy Communion with the Divine, beyond mere forgiveness.

A glimpse of the future of the human race, our potentials and destiny.

    A world without war.

I try, over and over and over, to reiterate that all suffering is needless, and can be eliminated.  In so doing, I try to give people a Vision.

We can never rise above our own self image.

Listen to me!  Are you paying attention?  This is more than important, it is essential.  Everything that exists, that has been shaped by the hand of man, starts with an IDEA.  A Vision.  "Hey, you know, we could....."

I'm going to tell you a story I've told to very few people.  A confession of sorts, but one of the clearest examples I know of the importance of Vision.

Last year I made right around $250,000.  (Do I have your attention now?)  The majority of it comes from being a computer programmer, which is essentially Math.  Financial planning calculations are tough enough, but my main job is to place these calculations into the abstract language known as code.  (A sample can be found halfway down this page.)

I am known as a "math genius" by many people.  And compared to most folks, I am somewhat talented in the computational arts.  At least I am now.  It was not always that way.  Not even close.  A major event happened in my life, wherein I gained a new Vision of myself as "Math Genius." The story I need to tell you has to do with how this happened.  On one specific day, one specific minute, actually, that changed my view of myself, and in turn changed my life.

Growing up I was a very ordinary, average student.  Some As, lots of Bs, regular Cs.  Not stupid by any means, but a long way from gifted, if you know what I mean.

In 1972 we were living in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  The "greater Pittsburgh area" had approximately 3,000,000 citizens at the time.  All of the 7th & 8th graders were required to take a standardized math test, which they turned into a competition.  Something like 100,000 middle school students  took this test.  You know the kind, there's a question and 5 possibilities, you fill in the little circle with your pencil.

Well, the test was typical.  First ten questions easy, and then ever increasing complexity.  Folks, the honest truth is that of those 100 questions, I really knew maybe 20 of them.  Stuff that went so far beyond me I didn't even understand what the question was about, let alone any clue for an answer.

Anyway....The moderator tells us "5 minutes."  I'm looking at this practically empty answer sheet, and I say to my 14 year old self, "What the hell."  And I just randomly filled in the rest of the answers.  A, C, B, C, A, D, E....on & on, till the whole sheet was complete.

I came in 7th in the entire city!

Name in the newspaper, special awards ceremony where they gave me a medal, the whole thing.

And yup, that's the 31 year old (!) thing itself.

Everyone was amazed.  My teachers, fellow students, parents, no one had any idea I was "such a genius."  I was the only one who knew for a fact that I wasn't!!  But you can be certain that I told no one about the strange, bizarre truth, that it was just a lottery & I lucked out.  I really think I was about 30 before I ever confessed to a fellow human the real truth.  And I'm happy to tell the story now because....IT MATTERS!

I never got less than an A on any math test or class again.  Ever.  Started inventing my own system of mathematics.  Doing puzzle problems for recreation.  740 SAT math score.  Wound up starting college as a math major....We covered the "regular" calculus stuff (integrals & derivatives) in about 2 weeks, and spent the rest of the year investigating the theory and even philosophy behind what the calculus is and how we know what we know.......

I never, EVER, let anyone down.  Especially myself.  I had done something really quite remarkable, and probably would rather have died than let anyone know my secret.

Winning that silly math test/contest created an EXPECTATION, in myself and others.  A Vision.  Their Vision of me had changed, overnight.  And I "bought into" that Vision, it became mine.  And that Vision changed my life.  I spent my energies making sure that I really, actually, matched the Vision everyone had of me, and the Vision I had for myself.

It's more than a self-fulfilling prophesy.  The Vision became Reality.

    The Vision Became Reality!

Without the Vision, the reality would never have materialized.

We can never rise above our expectations.

"Without a Vision, the people PERISH!" Proverbs 29:18

It starts with a Vision.  That's Belief.

But that's not enough.  We need to apply our lives to the Belief, which turns Belief into Faith.

Faith lived becomes Reality.

That is why I "do" this Ministry.

To try to give people a Vision of what is possible, for themselves and the world.

But I am only one, small voice.


We need a New Way.

A World Vision.

When a child is having problems, the old way, the ignorant way, the wrong way, is to get the child "counseling," so we can "fix the kid."

The New way, the Real way, is to council the entire family.  What is the family doing to torture this poor kid?  That is where real therapy starts.

The key word is SYSTEM.  Everything exists in the context of a System.  Nothing operates in isolation, and no human operates in isolation.

"Systems Analysis" is a new and very exciting view of human relations.  

Employees are a part of a System.

Poverty is a part of a System.

Illness is a part of a System.

Starvation is a part of a System.

As long as you "side" with one part of the system or the other, you are a part of the system, and a part of the problem!!

Endless journalists and politicians and warriors and commentators and citizens, either "for" or "against."  On the "right" or the "left."

The right is always wrong, the left is never right, because they are both part of a sickness, a diseased System!

So my "war commentary" is that WE NEED TO JUMP OUT OF THE SYSTEM!  The whole system is wrong, needless.

All wars are fought because the other guy is an asshole.  The physically stronger "wins."  This creates a false sense of victory/security for the "winner," and breeds anger & hatred for the losers, who vow their children's children's child to avenge the wrong.

Until, eventually, each and every single act is simultaneously unprovoked aggression AND righteous retribution AND preventive defensiveness.

Please, humans of earth, can't you see how wrong this is?


Ignorant: "US vs. Iraq."  Enlightened: "US AND Iraq."

Ignorant: "US vs. Them."  Enlightened: "US AND Them."

Ignorant: "Bush vs. Hussein."  Enlightened: "Bush AND Hussein."

Ignorant: "Left vs. Right."  Enlightened: "Left AND Right."

Can you see?



Where then is hope?

Where are we to get a Vision of the Good, what is really possible?

It is supposed to be in the Church.

Jesus had no comment on the governments of his day.

Almost none for commerce.

It was the "church," the religious leaders of the day he had the most contempt for.

Why would this be?

Simply put, the proper role of Religion is to carry the Light, be bearers of the Vision!

When the spiritual leaders turn to hate, there is no further hope.

When religion becomes just another form of I-Me-Mine, then it has joined the system of disease.

When the "church" becomes just another extension of the government & military, then hope is gone, and the "church" has become a part of the evil it is meant to fight.

Think about the disgusting militaristic Muslims who teach their children to hate all Christians.

        We do the same thing, in countless ways.  Only "US" are good, only "US" are pleasing to God.

The only difference is that American Christian bellies are much fuller than most Muslim's.

Turn off the oil pipeline, or the aqueduct for a week, and you will see what I mean.  The hatred that hides itself so civilly just beneath the surface will bubble to the top, just like a cancerous boil ready to burst its poison into the world.

After 9/11, the so-called church's responses were disgustingly evil, and a part of the System.

The role of the "church" now is to teach the children:

Everyone other than US is evil; only US go to heaven.

We must fight for our blessings, and be ready to kill anyone not US.

Everything that US does is good.  We are on the side of right.

God will only bless US.

The Real Church, the mouthpiece of the Real God, teaches us differently:

All have sinned.  All are called to a life of love & forgiveness here, and bliss in eternity.

We must love those who persecute us.  Bless them, and curse not.

We are one people, one race.

All suffering is needless.

We need a new system.


I know this is all highly idealistic.  

That's entirely the point.

We have lost Vision.  All we see is what "is."  And we therefore have desecrated our calling to proclaim What Should Be, with an acceptance & furtherance of what is.

Salt that's lost its saltiness is useless.


Jesus offered us a different, higher, better way.  To be able to jump out of the System of endless retribution & aggression.

Not just to get "them" to change.  But to repudiate the Entire System!

Would the Church ever dare to teach that government is not to be trusted?

    This one does.

Would the Church ever dare to teach that warfare is a limited, ridiculous way to live?

    This one does.

Would the Church ever dare to tell people that sending their children to go kill other children is not God's Way!?!??!?

    This one does.


I've made my point.  One could go on & on with endless prose & examples......But, really, if you don't get it by now, you probably never will.

You are either ready to jump out of the system, have a New Vision, or you are not.


A World Without War.

All suffering is needless.

I will continue to do what I can to share The Vision.

A Vision that starts with the Proximity of God Consciousness.

If you have not already done so, please read my Bible Study in God Consciousness.

It shows us what is possible.

I hope you will join me.

In The World, But Not Of It.


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