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Mission Statement

The Church of Yahweh

Our Mission is simple:

To help every single person be transformed into the Fullness of God.

To let everyone on the earth (both in and outside of the Web) who is interested in spiritual growth know God's Name as revealed in the Hebrew Bible, and why this Name is so important.

The idea is like this: If I want to know you, I need your name.  Then, with enough time and research, I can find out (almost) everything about you.  When and where you were born, your lifestyle, financial status, friends, and so on.

In exactly the same way, The Church of Yahweh is dedicated to the straight-forward idea that:

Once we know God's Name, with a little research we can learn everything, yes everything, about Him.

And, equally important, this knowledge is not simply that of the head, fantasy or belief:

We can enter into a personal, direct, real relationship with God.  We can move beyond believing, thinking, feeling & hoping, to actually experiencing and knowing.

The methods we use to carry out our Mission are:

  • Giving sound religious teachings for genuine truth seekers, dealing with all aspects of spiritual life, so as to help the human race practice the True Religion.
  • Bringing people into a direct personal relationship with God, to transcend what they hear, think or feel, so that they might know the absolute truth.
  • Absolute fiscal responsibility. Where necessary, costs are passed along, but profits are never collected. Truth cannot be sold.


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