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 The Church of Yahweh

Welcome to "God's Home Page on the Internet."

The Web is so vast, it is most unlikely you are here by accident. We are here to aid in your Quest for God.

Founded in November 1994, The Church of Yahweh is dedicated to presenting the clearest explanations available about the mysteries and essence of the universe, God, and ourselves.  The best, most powerful tool we have ever found to this end is a complete understanding of God's Holy Name, YHWH.

Here's our Mission Statement, and little bit about Who We Are

What You Will Find

On this Website you will find many documents. They cover all essential aspects of religion. Do not accept or believe any of it, without carefully testing & examining its truth. Believing what someone else tells you, simply because you think they have some authority, is one of the silliest things you can do.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. All e-mail will be responded to. Are there additional topics you would like to see covered? Any and all questions, comments and criticisms are most welcome.  

Those who have been touched or inspired by this ministry can become Members of The Church of Yahweh.  This is a small but growing number of people who work to make this information available to as many people as possible.

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Thoughts For Your Day.  Short daily meditations, covering a wide variety of topics.

Documents Focusing on YHWH's Name

The following try to explain, as clearly as we can, what God's Name is, what it means, and why it is important.

1. "A Simple Overview." This is a condensed one-page document explaining the historical origins & transformation the Divine Name has undergone. Jehovah's Witnesses, please read this first before sending e-mail.

2. "God is Not God's Name" explains in great detail, and in very simple terms, why this Name is so essential.  It is (most say) an excellent introduction for the beginning student.  An overview of God's personal Name, why it is important, and how it has become lost over the centuries.  

3. "I Will Be What I Will Be." This is a highly condensed version of all the teaching available through The Church of Yahweh. It explains how God's "name" is actually "I Will Be", and that all religious truth is contained in these 3 words.  

4. What is God's REAL Name?  A detailed discussion, including a photo from the Hebrew-English Interlinear Bible, about the ancient linguistics involved in God's Name.

5. Why Does "I Will Be" Make People Nervous?  Discussing "I Am" vs. "I Will Be".

6. "Blessed is He Who Comes in the Name of YHWH."  One of the Stations of the Cross, this explains the amazing connection between the Father's Name YHWH and the Son's Name YHSWH.

7. The Divine Name as the Key to Political Understanding  Everything, even politics, can be better understood in the light of YHWH's Name.

8. About Chanting YHWH's Name Why this ancient practice still has value today, and does not violate any of Jesus' instructions.  

9. The Mathematical Equation for "God" One of the chapters in The Revealing Science of God.  The Divine Name is the key to all understanding.

The Other Documents

The following describes the rest of the documents available. All page lengths are approximate.

1. "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in a Lint Screen." That's right...a simple lint screen in a clothes dryer. If you keep your heart, your mind, and the eyes of your soul open you can, in fact, find truth anywhere and everywhere. (10 pages)

2. "The Revealing Science of God" discusses the nature of genuine religious investigation, and attempts to answer the deepest question: "Why is the Universe here?" (70 pages in 11 chapters) The complete text in MS Word 2000 format is here.  (210k)

3. "The Stations of the Cross" is a panoramic view of all we can learn from Christ's Passion.  These are meditations on the death and resurrection of Jesus. (80 pages in 24 chapters)  The complete text in MS Word 2000 format is here.  (320k)

4. "In the Garden - The Fall and Redemption of Mankind." Explains how humanity has almost universally misunderstood what the Garden of Eden and Jesus' life were really all about, and presents the corrected truth. (60 pages in 11 chapters)  The complete text in MS Word 2000 format is here.  (260k)

5. "The Value of Christmas" - Our Holiday Message to the World.

6. "The Truth About Tarot Cards" - For many this is the most controversial title here.  It explains that Tarot cards visually portray God's Master Plan, and that common fortune-telling is a pollution.  For study purposes, pictures of all the cards are included at the top of each chapter.  (160 pages in 23 chapters.) The complete text in MS Word 2000 format is here.  (3 megabytes!)

7. "Transcendent Experiences" - My Spiritual Autobiography.  The complete text in MS Word 200 format (3.6 megs) is here.  The smaller version (without pictures) is here (350k).

8. About The Church of Yahweh's Pastor. Behind all this electronic computer stuff resides an actual human being! (2 pages)

All materials (c) 2006, The Church of Yahweh. All material herein may be freely redistributed, but must never be sold.