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Supporting The Church of Yahweh

Let's start with a brief review:

  1. Truth, like God's love, is free.
  2. We emulate that by making all of TCOY's teachings free to the world, even renouncing copyright protection.
  3. For every email we receive from someone who has been touched by this ministry, we know for a fact there are thousands, if not millions, who would also benefit from these thoughts & perspectives.  Or at least like to read it.  Or at the very least like to tell us how wrong we are...
  4. Money is the blood of society, and computers, ads, promotion, and web sites all require money to keep them going.  We make no apology for this, for that's just the way this world works.
  5. So, if you have been touched or inspired in any way by this ministry, and want to help extend its reach to others, your tax-deductible donations are welcome and most needed.
  6. As we've stated in our more complete financial statement, all money goes directly to the ministry.

How It Works

Those who wish to contribute money cannot even find a place on the site where to mail the check - you must send us an email requesting a mailing address.. We will respond right away with an email giving you the mailing address.  Then, send us a check (sorry, that's the only way we are set-up right now.)  Your cancelled check will serve as your receipt.  That's it!


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