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Gift Catalogue - CDs


These are all original music, recorded live or in the studio of Miscellaneous Records.

They are profession-quality, and not available anywhere else.

One CD per each $20 gift.

We have these all available for immediate shipment.


Should you choose to participate in the 

growth and outreach of this ministry 

with these types of funds, 

I will gladly share with you a token of my gratitude.  



CDLentenMed.gif (220114 bytes)

CDLentenMedBack.gif (237755 bytes)

C1. Lenten Meditations.  64 minutes

Meditative and transcendent, these 13 pieces were done "live" with a combination of piano, organ and synthesizer.

They capture the spirit of Lent, the 40 days before Easter.

Selections by Bach, Dupré, Benoit, and some originals.

I have had 3 people tell me this is "The most beautiful thing I have ever heard in my life."  Honest.


CDHighMass.gif (299944 bytes)

CDHighMassBack.gif (310359 bytes)

C2. High Mass.  70 minutes

This is a worship service.  

The entire Catholic High Mass, not a funeral, but the Sunday worship service.

Sung entirely in Latin, set to modern musical styles with ancient and modern instruments.

We gather together every Good Friday, and this is the center of our worship service.

For the libretto and complete liner notes, please click here.


CDVault.gif (269147 bytes)

CDVaultBack.gif (286808 bytes)

C3. Now All the Vault of Heaven Resounds.  64 minutes

This is a spontaneous improvisation in 14 sections, based on the glorious Christian Hymn.

Synthesizers, brass, strings, choir.


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