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The Stations of the Cross 

Meditations on the Death & Resurrection of Jesus Christ

These are the main chapters. All told, there are 80 pages.


Station 1: The Historical Question

Station 2: The Classical Stations Of The Cross

Station 3: The Call To Obedience

Station 4: The Call To Love

Station 5: There Is Power In The Blood

Station 6: The Focus Of Prophecy

Station 7: The Reduction/Expansion Of The Chosen One

Station 8: The Fulfillment Of Passover

Station 9: There Is Life After Death

Station 10: It Is Ok To Be Alone

Station 11: The Gospel Of Failure

Station 12: Birth Is Death, Death Is Birth

Station 13: Jesus Died For You

Station 14: Life Beyond Ego, Or, "You" Don't Exist

Station 15: The Euongaleon

Station 16: Sin Kills God

Station 17: The Temporal Nature Of Suffering

Station 18: God Feels Your Pain

Station 19: The Illusion Of Popularity

Station 20: The Breath Of God

Station 21: Beyond Good And Evil To Life

Station 22: Blessed Is He Who Comes In The Name Of The Lord

Station 23: The Koan: Realms Beyond Rationality


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