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I Will Be Who I Will Be

I Will Be What I Will To Be

I Will Be Who I Will To Be

The universe is a fractal equation (any mathematical entity whereby the result of one cycle becomes the input of the next) of the form:

In+1 = In + WILL


I is the eternal, immutable Self ("God" or "Spirit"),

In is the current state of the Self manifest at this point in time (person),

WILL is the capabilities of the Self,

and In+1 is the next (future) state of the Self.

In English, the best translation of this is "I Will Be What (Who) I Will Be."

In Hebrew, this is AHYH ("I will be") ASR ("Who/what") AHYH ("I will be").

The letters AHYH are English transliterations of the Hebrew letters:

They are called, left to right,





This is one Word. One Logos. And thus one Name. It means "I Will Be."

This is God's direct, intimate, absolute, personal Name, as revealed in Exodus 3:14.

Hebrew is spelled right to left. Thus, "AHYH" in Hebrew is "HYHA", or:

People seek autographs from famous people. God is the most "famous" of all. He (She/It) wrote His Autograph, and spelled it neither left/right nor right/left, but top/bottom:

This is, hopefully obviously, a pictogram. It is a head (Aleph), shoulders/arms (supernal Hey), torso (Yod), and hips/legs (final Hey). This pictogram represents both the Limitless "I", God (I Will Be, "AHYH"), and the manifest (created) Being, Mankind ("ahyh"). Its very picture represents the relationship of God (AHYH) to Humanity (ahyh), and the fractal (self-reflective) nature of the entire universe.

In short, "I WILL BE" is God's essence, humans are God's Name, and thus "I WILL BE" is also our essence.

There are many results from this.

  1. God's universe is cyclic in nature.
  2. The output of a cycle is the input of the next.
  3. Being a fractal, the universe is self-reflective. In other words, each structure or pattern found in the system reflects or images itself throughout the rest of the system. Thus, "I WILL BE" is true for God, each creature, governments, businesses, and all other structures, down to the most microscopic scale. In fact, Newton's First Law of Motion (the Law of Inertia) states: "Objects at rest stay at rest, unless acted upon by an outside force. Objects in motion stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force."
  4. The central essence of the universe is an "I", eternal and immutable. This "I" has only 1 attribute: WILL. Absolute and perfect. This is The Logos or Word; Hinduism's Maya. The "I" applies Its (his/her) WILL to Itself (there is nothing else to apply it to), thus becoming. "BE-ING." I + WILL = BEING. This is the incarnation, the manifest Self, the Personality.
  5. This Personality is, ultimately, an illusion. In as much as there is no outside force (God is ONE without an other), the Law of Inertia states that the "I", despite apparent changes, remains unchanged.
  6. As the "I" applies its WILL, it BEcomes the Person.
  7. As the "I" identifies itself with its BEING, this is called the Fall, the identification of the unmanifest, eternal with the illusory Personality.
  8. During the Personality (Incarnation) phase, the Lower Self (ahyh) retains all the attributes of the "I" (AHYH). That is what it means to be created in the image of God. Thus, "I Will Be What (who) I Will Be" remains the highest truth an individual can know. In short, we decide our destiny. Will power, so ignored and renounced by the materialist / chemical / victim / disease models fashionable today, is actually the ONLY operative element in a person's life. The current infatuation with the materialist / chemical / victim / disease model is presently the single greatest hindrance to the growth of the human species.
  9. Within the person (ahyh) lies the Spirit (AHYH), the spark of the Immutable Self ("I"). Through applying its WILL, the Spirit enfolds itself within Mind, then Desire, then Emotion, then a physical Body. And a material body if one can afford a car.
  10. As the Personality responds to the call of the Higher Self, it dies to itself, re-identifying itself with the Eternal "I". This is called Redemption.
  11. The entire cycle is called the Breath of God:

God dies so that

We can live, so that

We can die, so that

God can live.

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May you recognize the Name radiating within you.

May you recognize the Name radiating around you.

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